August 28, 2013

Black Light

I am the legitimate child of fire and sin
I am the unheard whisper behind an innocent grin

I am the mystical tempter of the Garden of Eden
I am the nameless seducer of a fruit forbidden

I am the skewed logic of every good sense
I am the corruption in every pure essence

I am the righter of every conscious wrong
I am the writer of every liars melodious song

I am the unrest after every ominous dream
I am the unseen hand in a deceptive scheme

I am the scented air in a haters breath
I Choreograph the steps to every unkind death

I am the aching beauty in every vixen’s face
I am the coldest sweat in every morbid embrace

I am the safe lair of every plotter’s thought
I am the truest idol of every Unholy God

I am the guardian of every faustian pact
I am the magician who changes fiction to fact

I am the subtle soul of every treacherous cheat
I am the blackest blood in every murderous heartbeat

I am the cryptic code in every evil seed
I am the beautifier of every morbid deed

I dance to the thundering emptiness in every wicked mind
I am the pleasing intoxication in every wine

I am the shadow encompassing every light
I am the fabulous wronger of every right

I am the loving father of all fallen angels
I am the numinous tempter of all holy strangers

I am the subtle heartbeat in every heartless breast
I am the fairest umpire of every evil contest

I dragged your father from heaven to earth
And have been your faceless friend since your birth

You live by Logic & Reason? LOL! You have no Idea

April 15, 2013

There is no such thing as a belief based entirely on logical reasoning. Its a simple fact that the human mind though, wonderfully complex and powerful, is still ill-equipped and incapable of apprehending truth in its absolute naked glory.

Give me a guy who claims to follow logic and reason religiously and I’ll turn him into a heretical intellectual hypocrite in a minute. (Which also brings us to another question: is being intelligent and learned means being logical and rational about the way we approach our belief?) Thus we are all forced to commit to our prejudices (the ignorant or emotional) or assumptions in answering to ourselves the fundamental questions – which is in every sense intellectual heresy. Pure rationalist or logical thought is an ideal unavailable to the human mind because of its inherent inability to completely grasp fundamental concepts of cosmology, and ontology. However it is able to imagine – but that is not enough to answer the tough questions.

The real question is are we consistent in our philosophies and ideas when we when we make those assumptions be it secular or religious – is it reasonable? Is it necessary? Its a matter of committing the least errors and being right most number of times in general. But it is human nature that once it commits itself to a certain path there will be many unanswered questions that we stumble upon for which we are at a lost to explain because it does not appeal to logic and reason.

One interesting point in question here is the big bang theory which was proven by electromagnetic radiation analysis. This was traced back to the point of singularity and what happened at the exact point and what existed before it. But that is not all – the real conundrum here is that this primordial cosmic explosion not only created space and the elements therein, it also created time. We don’t even have a proper definition or explanation for time. So if this is true – and I think it is – when we talk about what existed before the big bang what are we really talking about? Because time was never a factor before time was created!!  So is it really a sequence of causal events? But if time was not there what was the measure of that sequence? What is sequence?

Thus it is impossible to achieve pure logic and pure reason because it assumes forth from pure truth which can never be known.

As such No one can claim to be above the other because no one knows where they stand in the first place and as such truth cannot be known – we don’t know what (ideas and the minds that hold them) is above or what is below. But we know one thing – we are ignorant and we have no way of knowing what we know is the truth because our understanding is limited by our mortal senses. We are simply not equipped to do know that. We also know that those who have knowledge and hold and process it with humility, sincerity and rigid honesty to the self and others are the truly learned who are on the right track to knowing and are nearest to truth and are a cut above the rest. Even to know the level of our own ignorance is impossible – if we don’t even know how wrong can we be, isn’t it just plain haughty arrogance to even proceed to measure how right we are? When the foundations of knowledge are weak, when reason cannot with absolute certainty encompass the knowledge that we hold, then sincere searching inquisitiveness, a curious mind thirsting to know and utter humility is the only way to go. We have to know what we are talking about before we actually talk about it to others to justify our stand on what we believe in.

We always make the mistake of giving credence to intellectual charlatans who appeal to our prejudices and whose works support our own assumptions thereby perpetuating our own false knowledge. Suspension of judgment or not commiting oneself to any theory, hypotheses or belief because truth cannot be known is a failure in human purpose – a hedonistic intellectual laziness that contributes in the negation of the human spirit. To partially borrow a military jingle, we are born to know who we and where we come from and what we are doing here where we are headed for. To limit our purpose to the four corners of the physical world is to justify the denial of the human spirit, cheapen the human intellectual capacity and blaspheme the purpose of our origin – for it is highly improbable that we are here by chance in a purposeless universe that happened to exist by some freakish, random cosmological explosion.

Natural logical choice of the human mind

November 21, 2012

The brain in wired in such a way that if we truly reason things out with some good dose intellectual processing – the natural (logical) choice is a tendency to disbelive in anything that disagrees with such a thought. It is no wonder that some of the greatest thinkers and philosophers in history did not believe in things that could not agree with logic and reason. Even the underlying assumptions behind any theory or idea must somewhat agree with the critera of logic & reason. Being so committed to their study and being faithful to themselves – It would be like committing intellectual heresy to take in something without first passing it through – thoroughly – the test of the scientific method and then conclude through the regime of logic and reason. But I‘m sure that in the choices that they make – they would have made some intellectual sacrifices and compromises to allow their minds to accept the things that they do not fully know or understand – in their line of thought – and would have to substantiate such a belief with proof that falls short of the scientific requirement. I believe that this is the clincher for the Athiests & Agnostics and other belief systems – they still cannot go on for sure and that is the most irritating thing about the human mind – it just would not let anyone break the barrier to truth. 

But the thing is , just because the mind cannot break a barrier to discover something deeper, it does not mean that the human thought should end there. But the real question is should we believe in stuff that lacks logical credibility?

the creator must allow it…

September 12, 2012

the creator must allow itself to be recreated by its own creature


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Why The PAP Of Singapore Will Lose More Seats In The Next GE

September 12, 2012


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Understanding The New Political Paradigm In Singapore Politics

During Lee Kuan Yew’s time survival was necessary, the ideals of democracy was secondary. We needed to get things done. It called for a strong practical leadership style with a clear direction. And he dovetailed into this leadership vacuum very nicely. It was a match made in heaven – the love affair between LKY and Singapore (or was it just a tryst?) He was gifted with the necessary wisdom, maturity of thought, political acumen and (most importantly) the passion to serve and the willingness to sacrifice the needs of the self for the higher good of his beloved. And Singapore, she was in dire need –  sick, dirty, disabled and no one to take care of, lonely and isolated. LKY stepped in and did what he had to do – and he did it well. But now she has changed and evolved with the times. She is strong enough now to take care of herself and confident enough to demand for her rights.

Its topsy turvy now : we have all our basic needs taken care of such as basic necessities, shelter and amenities are a given. Back then what was needed was a strong leadership with a capable, pragmatic, honest and a decisive executive with full executorial liberty to take the necessary steps to advance Singapore out of 3rd world conditions.

To follow the same leadership style of those days, of an overbearing govt, a nanny state that nurtured its children like a soccer mom – at every level reflects a leadership that is weak, inflexible and rather daft.

Such a mentality, where change is implemented reactively rather than pro-actively and (where change is implemented) it is minimal and employed only as a token and in a piecemeal fashion just to convince the world that the party is changing. Existentially, this will be a dangerous thing for PAP as a ruling party. But they only fool themselves and such an attitude towards changing with the times will only see its demise in due course because change should be real, fundamental, fast, efficient and sincere. The irony of self interest is that the moment it becomes too big it starts to cannibalise itself under the, anaesthesia of ego, without ever realising.

The PAP that moulded Singapore before must change to become a PAP that is willing to be moulded by its people.  We have come to an excruciatingly painful point in time where, the creator must allow itself to be recreated by its own creature. It’s the most painful thing in the world. But it has to be done and in PAP’s own words – it should be doing the right thing rather than the popular thing. And this philosophy works both ways. But the blindness and failure of the PAP in recognising this is so glaring and i seriously doubt that they will be able to pick up their fallen pieces any time soon.

The PAP that dictated with an iron fist must now be willing to be dictated to without question. That’s the new paradigm for the new generation of leaders. Can they do it?

Judging by recent events and the direction of the government, I really doubt the PAP can do this in the next 4 years. The son should seek to replicate the success of his father, not the leadership style…it’s downright daft and speaks volumes of the current govt’s ineptitude that still lives in the 90s. That was part of what Sylvia Lim, the opposition member meant when she said that we have “a 1st world country run by a 3rd world government”. Our entire hardware is state of the art but it is being run by a software that is obsolete. So we are not functioning at an optimal level and sooner or later, if we don’t upgrade the software, the management of the troubleshooting will take its toll on systems administration and things will start collapsing.

And then what will the govt do to rectify? They will double up the ram and increase the hardware and bandwidth and make the software backward compatible to cope with the new, radically altered conditions without solving the fundamental problem. No point in bringing new citizens from 3rd world countries to boost their ratings. It will help them in the next couple of elections but soon, it will be payback time and this time it will boomerang without mercy. So it’s a risky proposition to rely on the replacement voters to boost the government’s ratings. In time to come it can only mean one thing – SYSTEMS COLLAPSE.

Has this single big tree that was carefully nurtured our forefathers led by the first leaders to bring Singapore out of poverty and squalid conditions, has become so big and so stiff that it allows nothing to grow beneath it?

Is it wise to assume that one big luscious healthy tree is enough for the entire Singapore when we could have an entire forest? Is it wise to nurture and support a big healthy and very useful tree while the forest floor is barren and dead?

Is it not better for our dear Singapore for this big tree to sacrifice and shed some leaves and some weight, to magnanimously allow for some sunshine to come to the ground and let the ground flourish as well?

Is it not better to sacrifice self interest for that of the larger interest of the nation. (Yes, alot of disillusioned leaders truely and mistakenly believe that the party’s interest is that of the nation)

The new leadership (operating under the successes and shadow of the old) should abandon all desperate attempts to clutch on to their waning powers and popularity and allow for the growth of opposing voices in parliament. They should seek to abandon all requirements of their opponents to perfectly fit into their criteria and should rather, take the initiative to actively engage the opposition in a constructive and productive manner. However what the government does is to look down on them and deal with condescendingly while nicely sitting in their ivory towers. The vulnerable state of yester-years are over and the Authoritative iron fist is now seen as draconian and unnecessary and it is a hated symbol of our previous leaders.

The previous leadership had rightfully led in the right direction – that is to ensure survival – a pragmatic approach because survival was absolutely necessary. Now that that has been achieved it should be no longer a priority. People now want to realise their ideals because the basic needs are a given – yes they WILL be taken for granted whether they like it or not. It is something that must sink into the thick heads of the newly minted leadership. Except for the PM, the skulls of some ministers seem to be too thick to open up and be flexible enough to accommodate for change, progress (with the times) and growth.

The current leadership thus, should allow for the true growth of democracy and allow for room for people to be critical of their actions and words. They should not be purpose centred but people centred; not objective but subjective; not speak but listen; not lead but follow; not be practical but idealistic, not direct but serve. That is the new paradigm for the new leadership 

The government, as painful as it may be, must completely abandon with almost careless disregard, the needs of yesteryears and urgently seek fill the ideals of today with religious zeal. And yes, even then, the good that they do will be taken for granted and the mistakes they make will be roundly chastised and unforgivingly punished. Can they take it? Are they up to it? Will they make this sacrifice of service and embrace this new paradigm?

Forget about covered walkways, manicured gardens and a lift at every floor, forget about GST credits, forget about schools and joblessness – some of these are a given and the rest are these are just the cosmetics for the hard work of the early leaders. People are too smart to bite this upgrading carrot any longer.

It’s no longer about hardware, it’s more of the software. What got us here through the older leaders will no longer get us where we want to be. The biggest danger of obsolescence for this government now is not that it doesn’t change; but rather it doesn’t change fast enough. If ability to change was the defining paradigm of success of the new millennium, Nimbleness, flexibility and responsiveness in changing defines the paradigm of this decade.


Its not the fact of changing really, its the intesity and relevance of the change. They can bring in and baptise a very appreciative lot of new citizens from third-world countries to dilute the waning support of the generational Singaporeans here. But this is just political strategy with very little substance to the matter that the original people wanted addressed.

Electoral success is a powerful champion of technical argument against real issues without ever saying a word. Something our LKY routinely used to silence even very powerful arguments. But that argument is being weakened as we go.

Theres only so long you can stick your proverbial Dutch thumb in the dyke to prevent a flood. And there are only so many thumbs left. If the real fix is not coming any sooner, then it only portends an impending wipeout.

If change does not happen pretty quickly the next few elections will be another painful lesson for the PAP.

Ain’t got U

March 25, 2011

Ain’t got no L_ck
Ain’t got no b_ck
Ain’t got no sl_mber
Ain’t got no n_mber
Ain’t gonna be c_te
Ain’t no more no cool d_de
Ain’t gonna be _niq_e
Ain’t got no m_sic
My jokes ain’t f_nny
My days ai’nt s_nny
I ain’t beautif_l
And my heart ain’t tr_e baby
if I ain’t got “U”

Get your FIFA 2010 world cup fix streamed live into your PC for free

June 17, 2010

Down load TVu player here.

You need broadband with a reasonable bandwidth – at least 3mbps

You need windows media 10 or above to play the player

 After downloading is complete launch the player and type “FIFA” on the channle search on the Top left hand corner

The channels that are on air will be highlighted. The Channels from China provide the best resolution – if you don’t mind the mandarin commentaries. I prefer them to the other channels in english – their quality is not worth the watch.

I’ve already caught a few matches and the quality is reasonable – the channels may stutter a little but thats ok as they are few and far between.

If you want better quality channels, subscribe to their paid service for a fraction of the cost charged by the Cable operators.

This is for my dear Singaporeans who are reeling from the Cable providers holding us to ransom for the debacle they created in the first place. They will win for now. But they will come a time when they will need the support of the citizens, I hope they get abandoned that moment.

Singapore Idol 2009 – Top 4? Not again!!!

November 25, 2009

What a bummer, I sat through the wholelive telecast of the singapore idol show hoping to see an elimination. But it was a let down – in a stupendously stupid move – the show producers had decided not to eliminate anyone.

My question is – Then what is their freaking point of today’s show which is supposed to be a competition where the idol with the least vote gets kicked out. What a waste of my precious time sitting throught the whole shit only to be let by an anti climax. It may well be a performace show for Aids awareness day and the idols were the guys who get to be screwed and totally used for it.

They washed cars and did alot of other social-services that the producers decided that they should do to ensure their return the following week. What are theygonna do next – clean toilets awareness day? They gonna get the idols and arm them with toilet brushes while belting out their favourite music?

I just don’t get it – it was such a waste of my time. TCS has not given any explanation for their stupid action. My only guess is that they are trying to prolong the idol fever to up their viewership ratings, generate more advertisement income, make people spend more money on smses. Or the whole shit could be a ploy to save Charles “Boring” Wong. It’s anybody’s guess.

It’s baffling, does not do justice to the thousands of voters who paid good money to see some results, nor for the viewers who spent their prime hours of the evening to see a show but only to be disappointed by an anti climax. Most of all it does not do justice to todays winners. What if today’s loser manages to catch up next week and today’s winner gets kicked out next week? Its not fair. Just when you were reaching the finishing line they shifted the goal posts. A big thumbs down for TCS and the Idol producers. It simply does not do any justice

Paranormal Activity Review My rating – 4/10

November 14, 2009

I‘ll makes this as short as possible.

The whole movie was shot like it was a home video of a tech junkie micah trying to investigate the thing that was bothering his girlfriend Katie. Its a beautiful concept a-la the “Blair witch project” – but only much worse and that too to not say anything about the exceptionally bad acting. This shakey camera concept gave the movie a documentary feel that raised the realism of the scary experiences of the protagonists.   This is the deal clicher for such a bad movie.

It was wholly shot in a single location – Mica’s house. Apparently it was a demon that was pretty attached to Katie and resentful of the boyfriend who taunts the thing that was bothering Katie

The whole storyline was very reminscent of “Exorcist” – not original. What was original was the concept of a shakey amateur camera but even then, Bliar Witch accomplished that. Needless to say viewing a whole movie that shakes gives one a headache if the movie does not captivate the audience.

Even then it has a very strange attraction to it and I still do’n’t have my finger on it yet. I guess, it’s the amateur home movie feel that adds a sense of realism to the whole movie going experience.

The Pluses

1) Storeyline

2)  good script especially’ micah’s jokes

3) Documentary / reality show feel

The minuses

1) Unoriginal storyline (like exorcist)

2) Bad acting

3) Single location shoot

4) the final scene where she is supposed to look like a possessed linda blair in exorcist and then she gave a sheepish smile after killing her boyfriend like it was a joke – it spoilt the whole movie and the experience of the documentary feel of the movie

5) predictable scenes – especially when they go to sleep and we know some scary shit is gonna happen – it takes the fun out of being surprised.

6) one dimensional plot with just two protagonist and a couple of extras (i think) – katie’s friends

7) Bad sound / audio – I was straining to hear what was being said.

8) No make-up no costume, no special effects not even those that you could get on a third grade horror cum chick flick

9) not to mention the exceptionally bad acting

WHo will appreciate this movie?

On the whole, people who like movies that are somewhat different and are too naive to be taken in by a gross lack of technical expertise in every aspect of movie making.

IT’s Not For…

The connoiseurs and regular movie goers who look for the finer points to fully appreciate and experience a movie and would loathe it for a good concept and storyline marred by bad cinematography, bad acting, bad sound and just about bad everything.

It bucked the trend though and people watching it have to imagine the realism that the movie sought to portray of a couple tormented by a demon.  I liked the concept and story though and hated just about everything about the movie. Pesonally I felt cheated as I was expecting something more professional and not some hoax made for you tube designed to dupe people


October 13, 2009

My Billie Jean Performance_Smallest

Get relief from the coporate madness.  Go mad and do something outrageous. Fight fire with fire.

As we go on and on with the drudgery of our daily grind, we tend to be so absorbed into what we do at work that we forget that work is just a means to an end – not an end in itself. Unless of course you are a volunteer in a not-for-profit organisation that is committed to serve the needs of society. The problem with the corporate world is its capitalist roots where greed is a legitimate pursuit which in turn comes back to serve the survival of the system itself.

The way the corporate world is structured – a cold, unforgiving, stiff pressure-cooker environment wrapped in a pleasant neat and compartmentalised matrix bathed in blinding flourescent lights. The kind that imresses upon you so much that it tends to hang on to you wherever you go till you get desensitised to the nightmare that you call work. Most of the time you get a small part to play in the big picture – sort of like a jigsaw piece. Over time you tend to lose the forest for the trees and develop tunnel vision where you lose your sense of direction, lose the meaning of your being there in the first place – which is to do something meaningful by the way. And finally you start losing your mind way before you start losing your hair. And then you go into this drunken state of zombie-ness where your main priorities is to pass the buck and clear as many files from your table so that you can have some time for yourself to think about your problems that you don’t really have.

The truth is, the files never get cleared and you get desperate day after day, deadline after dealine, meeting after meeting until you just go with the flow of the corporate river and develop some nifty ability to dodge the bullets and knives come your way to haunt you for your corporate sins of old. You learn about the best carpets to sweep your corporate dirt under, the best holes to bury your undischarged corporate responsibilities from prying eyes. Once in a while you succumb to stealing an hour or two to surf the net or do your personal stuff or even steal from your office – without a whiff of guilt.

And you try ways and means to escape the daily drudgery but you can’t. The you start managing the drudgery by just concentrating on only your area of work while giving excuses for the rest. Then you realise that you can even go one further by passing the buck to others.

They call it “tai chi” in chinese – a skill that is a fine art in the corporate context wher you gracefully push your work and its responsibilities out of your purview. You now go into survival mode and use the newbies to run your show and maybe even do your personal errands. That is until they find out its not their job – but by which time it’ll be too late for them.

Congratulations, you are now a corporate caricature that Scott Adams so deftly portrays in his comic strips. You get lost in your own world and move about in sober drunkenness. You think you are in control of your faculties but not realising that the system has overtaken you and has started subsuming your existence into just another appendage to it’s numerous tentacles.

It sucks dry the very life in your personality and the very humanity in your character to become a flat one-dimensional object the existence of which is only a teensy weensy bit more than the existence of your office furniture in your cubicle. You lose your sense of humour together with your personality and become this dry one-dimensional corporate zombie to whom laughter is an alien experience and totally out of place in the office, you develop a nervous twitch and become stiff in your movements  and think you are cool. You develop a blankness in your face which is a reflection of the state of your mind.

So something must happen to release – sort of like an explosion – to release you from this pressure that you didn’t know existed in the first place. Weekends never work beacuse they come to an end and the mondays dangle over your heads like a guillotine that is slowly descending as the weekend comes to a close. So the release is never full and is never really there because the fear is always there no matter how many bottles you down at a corporate pub and lose yourself in a glass of strong drink to find a way out of your pain that you can’t really feel.

As I was sinking into that corporate quicksand, there came an opportunity to go mad. What is mad in the corporate world mind you is sanity for the people of real world – and the bulk of this group are made of sages and children in a world gone mad and greedy.

I seized it and went before an odd corporate crowd of 200 and put my three days worth of practicing of the Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean to the smooth carpeted floor of the Sheraton Ball Room. I mean I had to. Well, how often do you get to grab your crotch in front of your top bosses and still expect to have a day job turn up to the next day? This in my view is an excellent opportunity to showcase all you have, release yourself in the most un-artistic way and get one up your colleagues and bosses while getting an applause!

What I didn’t expect is the complete release from the pressure after my five minutes of crappy performance. I decided not to have any shame for that moment and as the minutes ticked by I got more audacious and I felt exorcised of this corporate demon that had consumed me for the longest time. It felt good and I’m thankful for that guy who did the Elvis who said that this is his real self and in work he performs. And he is known as the crazy guy! Now I realise he could’t be any saner.

Well my only regret is that I didn’t take off & throw the Jacket and rip my t-shirt off. Maybe I’ll do that the next time cos this release is just like crack-cocaine – the dosage needs to be heavier with each successive fix to get the same amount of high

Release yourself. DO somehing crazy. Like the NatGeo Advert Goes – “When was the last time you did something for the first time?” But I hope it does’nt turn out to be the graveyard of the many firsts that I did for the last time! Now I know, Small time performers have it good (and maybe not the money) because they don’t get embroiled in the muck of showbiz.