Saddam Is Murdered and Democracy is dead


    By the same standards with which the US executed Saddam – there are many Bushes and Bliars, the hitlers and Stalins of the world who are guilty of the same crimes and yet are walking free. Abu Ghraib, Secrect Renditions, Guantanamo Bay and Haditha are all testament to the fact that Bush and Blair are no better that Saddam. If his was crimes against humanity, then this should be either done under a UN criminal tribunal or under the ICHR. But his detractors already knew that this would mean forgoing the death penalty for Saddam as these courts would not mete a death sentence.
    The due process, which is the cornerstone of every true democracy and not least for Iraq – was severely compromised. Chalabi already pronounced the penalty for him before a trial judge hardly heard a single defense from Saddam, defense lawyers were mysteriously killed, court proceedings were made increasingly difficult for the defense, judges were switched for being nice to Saddam etc etc. Basically everyone who had an axe to grind were having a go at Saddam. And the worst of it all the whole court proceeding happened under the shadow of the US military occupation. This is the ultimate mockery of justeice. The writing was already on the wall, it was verdict first – the trial later as a mere formality- a kangaroo court proceeding, making a mockery of every law abiding democratic nation. If this is democratic justice, I really don’t want to know what is not. The whole idea was to put a stop to all the injustices that Saddam was accused of. But sadly his detractors were no different. Bush said that Saddam was given the justice that he denied his own people. It seems that he was being meted the same old justice he has been familiar with of old. Its a case of two wrongs – the invaders could’t care less about justice nor the Iraqi people. To say that Iraq is a quagmire is an understatement. I just I read the first few lines of the posting above describing his criminal escapades – but if his name is not mentioned it would also be a fitting description of Bush himself. At the end of the day – is iraq better than before? Is there rule of law, is there safety? Is there human rights? Is there democracy? I don’t think anyone can safely say yes to any of this.
    The first sacrifice of the Islamic holy month of sacrifice is not a sheep or a goat but Saddam. The Iraqi government just shot themselves in the foot. The most important trial of this fledgling “democracy” was a sham. You can imagine what is to come. May god protect the innocent.


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