Saddam was lynched – Bad news for Iraqis seeking justice and reconciliation

I saw the CNN broadcast of the Saddam hanging just a couple of hours ago. I was thinking if the hanging was conducted by court officials or extremist Shia mob. How can the so-called cradle of Democracy allow the legimisation of this preceedings? Bush called this a milestone for Iraqis! He called this the justice that Saddam himself denied his own people! I can hardly see the difference between the Iraq of then and now. To borrow a phrase from BBC, I see this as nothing more that politically motivated sectarian lynching sanctioned by the US. The US administration by allowing and encouraging this act have seriously undermined their own sacred democratic institution of due process and rule of law – a cornerstone of every democracy.

Here we have a guy breathing his last and we see him being taunted and ridiculed. The room looked like a basement right out of a Freddy  Kreuger movie more than a designated court execution room. The people tending to Saddam looked more like the hooded Hizbullah suicide sqaud than court officials. We hear Moqtadar’s name being mentioned repeatedly which I take to mean that this hanging of Saddam was to avenge Al-Sadr and his men are there doing it. 

One guard even took a video of the whole thing and it eventually made it’s way to the net. It was gruesome and it may have worked the other way to gain sympathy for Saddam. How could a court that has even a iota of legitimacy allow this without proper procedure?

I mean what kind of court proceeding is this? The US war in Iraq does not even have a UN mandate to start with.

 – Firstly the legitimacy of the kangaroo court trial was seriously suspect. The judges were purposely chosen to be those who are likely to be opposed to Saddam.

 – The ex-iraqi PM pronounced the death sentence before the Judge (something like “Saddam should be hanged many times over”).

– Defense lawyers were myteriously killed

– Court application by defense counsel was made difficult

– The country was under foreign Military occupation that had an interest in Saddam’s demise

– The Shia establishment in the government so hastily carried out this execution without resolving the other two cases of genocide against Saddam citing Iraqi law that requires hanging within 30 days of sentencing. But by executing Saddam so hastily, the other cases remained unresolved without the primary perpetrator being alive to take the stand. Who else could have been implicated had these cases proceeded? We will never know.

– the execution guards were not properly chosen and it seems like there were no existence of observable procedures for a serious thing like criminal court executions. Why were the guards not searched for recording devices? Was there any rule on this at all other than the 30 day execution rule?

 And the list goes on..

The Iraqi PM Noori Al-Maliki, who is a Shia, signed the death warrant on Saddam and unleashed a sectarian lynch mob to execute Saddam. He failed to check the proceedings and together with the US, allowed this gross miscarriage of justice to be perpetrated while trying to make it look like a legitimate process worthy of international praise.

Where is the international community? Where is the European Union that prides itself in preserving the rule of law and justice. It is true we have seen the consequences of righting a wrong with another wrong. This is indeed a dark day for all good people people out there.


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