The increasingly militant, rightwing political and media establishments of the west

 Ever wonder why the same news that comes in BBC also appears in CNN, CNA, fox news etc? They don’t have an independent view and they follow the media herd mentality of western bigotry when reporting anything un-western or is not representative of Western values. Anything that is not western is portrayed as something exotic and pagan much to the pleasure of an increasingly militant, western right-wing politcal establishment headed by the current US administration. We hear outright racism in Big Brother TV being shamelessly being downplayed as nothing more petty female rivalry. Covered muslim women and religious figures being regarded as objects of ridicule and then justified again with the hackneyed statement of political correctness : “democratic freedom of speech” that everyone else is expected to accept as valid excuse for such bigotry. Why can’t the same standards be applied for the frank discussion of issues like the holocaust and the habits of gays. Muslim anger against Jewish atrocities are amplified as terrorism while largely ignoring or suppresing Jewish terrorism and neo-nazi and anti-Jewish movements developing in their own backyards.It is as though since 9-11 the Ku-Klux-Klan traded their traditional white hooded garbs for tuxedos and had taken control of the White House and Downing Street. The media had been very disappointingly accommodative of the Bush administration and failed to bring it to task for lying to the public, countless gross human rights violations in Iraq, constitutional violations on individual privacy, Guantanamo Bay and Europes secret renditions, squandering tax payers money to wage wanton wars and the list just goes on.They may appear impartial but they hide a deeper level of ignorance and bigotry that may not necessarily give you the whole story. Be very clear, the western media controls the flow of mass media and they feed us in Asia and the rest of the world with nothing but western prejudices and views. I scoff at the thought that Channel news Asia gives you “a truely asian perspective on events happening around the world”. But really, is it any different from CNN or BBC? With having to put up with the fake American accent of the correspondents and the news casters together with their fawning reproduction of western media sentiments. We have to understand that they are in effect profit oriented capitalist entities trying to muscle in to their $lice of a lucrative media market – the standards of which were set by the same people they are trying to differentiate themselves from. I consider this as media junk that lacks breath and depth with the same information circling among the media big-wigs with just different company names. Read on the following from taken from Al Jazeera

Western media misrepresenting Iraq
Posted January 3, 2007

Here is an interesting story from Al Jazeera, article quotes are bullet points.Al Jazeera English – Middle EastInformation about Iraq propagated by Western media is often woefully inaccurate or downright wrong, according to leading Arab figures, and such distortions are damaging any chance of peace in the country. Tariq al-Hashimi, Iraq’s Sunni Arab vice-president, says that one idea – widely accepted in the West as true but which lacks evidence to support it – has upset the balance of power in Iraq to such an extent that violence was an inevitable outcome. Western media often refer to Iraq as being “overwhelmingly Shia”, or use other phrases to imply a large Shia majority. This, he says, is wrong – and it has resulted in over-representation of Shia parties in the Iraqi government at the expense of Sunni Arabs. Where the figures came from to back up assertions of a large Shia majority are unclear: no Iraqi census in modern history has ever included sect. Al-Hashimi has also blamed the Western media for the feeling of deprivation among Iraq’s Shia, referring to phrases such as “the once-dominant Sunni”, and “Sunni who enjoyed privileges under Baath Party rule” – widely used in news reports. “Western media always put question marks around this community and speak of it in the same breath as terrorism. They portray it as a community that is still incapable of comprehending the new Iraq; hence, it is not qualified to play a role in a democratic process. Such allegations are backed by lobbies whose aim is to undermine Iraqi nationalism.” Iraqi Nationalism seems to be an important concept that Western media has overlooked, consistently. It was Iraqi nationalism that made life hard for the first Imperialist invasions by the British in the 1920s. When American tanks rolled into Baghdad in 2003, the Iraqi population had been in various degrees of conflict for most of 23 years (Iran-Iraq war 1980-1988, Kuwait invasion 1990, Gulf war 1991, sanctions and embargoes 1991-2003). Saddam Hussein, like any “War Leader” would use nationalism and nationalist propaganda to raise morale and keep control. Nationalism is not the only idea at work here, but it is certainly more important than it is being given credit for.The spokesman for the Arab Baath Socialist Party, which ruled Iraq from 1968 to 2003, who asked to be identified as Abu Muhammad for security reasons, said: “Most Western media outlets have been helping the US occupation authorities to portray the Baath party as a Sunni party which suppressed the Shia and deprived them of their rights. “Actually, sect was never an issue in Iraq. I am a Shia and I have been a senior Baath official … No Baath party official – no Iraqi official – ever asked me about my sect. “When the US army occupied Iraq they issued a list of 55 wanted top Iraqi officials, starting with President Saddam Hussein; half of those senior officials were Shia.” Abu Muhammad voiced resentment at the the term “Sunni insurgency”, saying that Iraqis from different backgrounds are fighting the foreign presence in Iraq. “This term plays down Iraqi nationalism,” he said. “I repeat, I am a Shia and I am resisting the US forces in Iraq, and we know for sure that resistance fighters from all background are fighting.”


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