Top 20 Oxy-Morons

Didn’t know if I got the oreder right but this is my view… 

20. American Culture (about the only culture worth anything at all are the ones in the petri dish)

19. Government Organization

18  Government Intelligence Services

(Here’s a triple Oxy , No government intelligence, nor Intelligence services nor government services coz these are all just euphemisms for “Really Arrogant Bastards in Public Office” )

17. Friendly Fire

(“Hi, name’s bob, would you like the bullet through you head or the balls please”)

16. Airline Cuisine

(You can either one not both)

15. Civil Service

(they are neither civil nor do the assholes serve)

College Education

(common sense dictates that anything even vaguely educational should not involve guns, drugs, booze or sex unless you’re a pimp)

13 Military Intelligence

(Think George Walker Bush and you’ll get the idea)

12 Criminal Justice

(More criminal than the criminals they are punishing)

11 Happily Married

(Never heard that one before)

10 Western Civilisation

(West and being civilised? Nah)

Iraq War Strategy

(Mindless bombing would not constitute a strategy)

08 Economy Class

(No class in  going economicaleven the peanuts are soggy)

07 Medical Ethics

06 Impartial Media

05 Career Choice

(It’s no longer a career and when it comes to moneypeople don’t have a choice)

04 Honest Politician

(Some scientists believe he could be found in the nearest galaxy)

03 Fast Food

(It’s neither fast nor is it food. Their marketing depts are so good that they could create mass appeal for shit eating)

02 Non-stick Pan

(Try frying an egg with no oil)

01 Microsoft Works

(Yeah right!)


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