Evolution, Shmevolution and other pseudo-sciences

Even though the work of the synthetic theoristswho through the usage of Darwin’s theory of natural selectionare claiming that evolution of chance and genetic mutations do take place as an explanation for biological origins of the earth. But the net emerging result of a totally ordered, functional and environmentally germane creature out of these chance events points nonetheless to a mind that works behind the mechanisms that want a certain occurrence to take place in order to lead to a certain conclusion.

The fact that everything works in a chance fashion could never satisfy the existence of definite mechanisms that could be specifically interpreted into functional laws that control these chances. We have the laws of thermodynamics, the strong, weak,gravitational and electromagnetic forces. Every celestial body, organism, molecule atoms and sub-atomic particles seem to follow such laws without which knowledge of the universe that we live could not be achieved by man. Studying and determining these laws enables man to have a platform to base his assumptions on to proceed to a deeper understanding and knowledge. It gives a sharp incisive edge to simplifying the arduous process of investigation into the unknown. There are two conundrums that evolutionists are caught without an explanation and they are threateningly sticky.

One is that the evolutionists are at a loss to explain why, after the formation and cooling of the planet, life seemed to have formed pretty quickly to be deemed plausible for evolution to be allowed it’s process which literally takes eons just to make an intra-species jumplet alone and inter-species one.

From the first basic biological life appeared on earth and started replicating itself to form manit all happened too fast that the only probable speculation for the evolutionists on this is that it must have come from outer space. But even then we are just talking loose theories here and therethey are yet to be documented or substantiated for the formation of reasonably acceptable premises for the evolutionary theory to stick.

The various links to the nebulous idea of evolution are indeed weak and wanting.

The second is that interspecies progression seemed too sudden to be deemed gradual. The evolutionary process is fundamentally slow and gradated given the nature of the biological process,  molecular structure and it’s properties. If variations in genetic mutations were sudden and marked it implies a certain design or control by a higher intelligence. Because for the genetic mutations that cause fundamental biological variations to make radically different species (considering the complexity of the bio-genetic and bio-chemical structure and function of all hydrocarbon life forms) it reasonably carries the assumption that “something” extraneous knew where the make the changes to cause a certain transformational effect.

To think that we came from a single primordial photon in the point of singularity to a fully functional human being just via extra-ordinarily abnormal mutations alone is indeed a tough theory to fathom – let alone accept – by any stretch of imagination.

The advancement of the Darwinian observations by secular materialist scientists to the end to declare that humans are nothing more than highly developed monkeys negates and robs the soul and the spirit of being human. The sum of the sacred human is definitely more than it’s parts and if this needs to be questioned the secular materialists need to come up with a better theory that is more scientific and logical than the flimsy theory of evolution which for me is as scientific as tarot cards being picked up by an “evolutionary” parrot.


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