Ali Eteraz and his Islamic piss-artistisms

I don’t understand why is it that people who are mainly educated in the west, make such a big deal out of the treatment of women in Islam such a big issue. Is it that big a deal as the media, popular perception and people like Eteraz portray it. Normally I would not be moved to comment on inflammatory views about Islam but this man Eteraz is passing himself off as a self-styled Islamic-scholar with deviationist views and I just have to say a few words about the views of this learned brother Ali Eteraz.From what the distinguished Ali Eteraz (and his ilk), has said, he seems to feel polygamy to be nothing more than a last surviving anachronistic remant of an archaic cultural practice of a people yet to be civilised. By reading his post I get the idea that he feels that the idea of polygamy is no longer applicable this day and age. If not for the display of such hubris of superiority over his predecessors in religion and too with no respect, in general, for men who take more than one wife, he goes on goes on with his view that unless it can be proven that men don’t have an ulterior motive, polygamy should not be allowed. His reasons are oversimplified and contorted – the kind that goes on in emotionally charged day time talk shows with no acedemic value to it at all. He also seems to think that apostasy should not be punishable by death. Not that I am categorically disagreeing to that but when one considers his reasoning and proof – this is in it’s proper islamic context is pure rubbish. The values are there and like the fundamental western democractic values – like freedom of speech – they are non-negotiable simply because without these values they lose their unique identity. I won’t be surprised if he goes on to say that the five daily prayers are not compulsory and goes on to proof it with another “almost airtight” argument.I think he finds his secular humanist ideals incommensurable with his religious convictions (if at all he has one)and as such finds an urgent need to properly marry the two ideals by convoluting Islamic values. By reading his materials I get the feeling that his religious values are dependent upon his Humanist ideals. 

I don’t know alot of things about Islam to really comment on it, but I do know that we have to see Islam and religions in general, on it’s own merit. Right thinking people would want to note that, limited as they are in thier scope vis-a-vis reality, secular-materialist values are incommensurable with that of Islam. To see Islam through the values of secular ideals would be fatal to one’s correct perception.  To put humanism as an ideal for equality and the advancement of mankind and to force it’s standard with Islam because Islam should be about equality and the advancement of mankind – is like comparing apples with oranges. Humanism, as with other western-secular-materialist “isms” are based on a concept that does not recognise the existence of a higher intelligence as a cause of all causes. It is thus limited by it’s own base assumptions. No way of life or thought can be perfect given the imperfections and complexities of life itself. As such Islam with it’s perceived flaws is regarded by muslims as the remedy to these imperfections. A lot of muslims and people of other religions believe that it is the human perception -with it’s sensory and cognitive limitations – that is imperfect. And as such cannot see the values of religions perfectly.

Eteraz’s views may hold water as far as they are about secular-materialism but they are nothing more than verbal sophistry and piss-artisms as far as they are about Islam. I think he has been adequately refuted by other muslims and I don’t need to waste any time going through a point by point refutation of his views. As I have mentioned in the muslim hedonist his ignorance is only matched by his arrogance. I hope well meaning and right thinking people would bring him to task and reject his views.


One Response to “Ali Eteraz and his Islamic piss-artistisms”

  1. salahudin Says:

    rejecting his argument as “inapplicable to islam” doesn’t seem very persuasive.

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