Democracy my ass

If democracy was well and alive today, Iraqis would be ruled how they wanted to be ruled even if it means letting their country to be run by a bunch of despots. As Thomas Jefferson said, people only get the government that they deserve. Democracy would mean that if a nation choses thieves and murderers as their leaders, then that is their legitimate democratic choice – and judging by the actions of Bush, Cheney, Rice and Rumsfeld – such a reality is not far off that mark. These guys are nothing but.

The fundamental issue here is western style “democracy” is being imposed on Iraq under the shadow of state-of-the-art US military hardware.  Such an idea of forced democratisation is no different from the ideologies of Nazism, Soviet style communism, fascism or even (as Bush et al would have it) Islamic extremism which are autocratic and dictatorial in nature and are diametrically opposed to democratic ideals. To force democracy down the throats of a people is well undemocratic. The carnage created by Bush in the muslim world  make the much demonised Saddam look like a lap-dog

Just as the Nazis hunted down and killed the Jews -the muslims in are being hunted down and sent to death camps and secret prisons.

These neo-cons and their right-wing supporters come by the droves with chest thumping declarations of democracy, peace, stability and freedom for Iraq and the middle east.

The result after four years of bombing and carnage in iraq is anything but. Just look at the statistics – more than 3000 US soldiers dead, 20,000+ injured, 700,000 Iraqis dead, more than 3 million Iraqis displaced – and still counting. It goes to show that bush et al give two shits about the well being of Iraq and Iraqis.

Freedom, peace and democracy my ass.

So to Bush, the neo-cons and their like I say – to hell with you and your democracy. Thanks to Iraq, now I know what democracy and freedom is NOT. The world had heard enough bullshit from the Bush Administration and his neo-con Nazis.


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