Bimbo Quotes of the week

This weeks award of Bimbo quote goes to (drum roll…) General David Petrae-Ass, the top US commander in Iraq. He said the latest effort to provide security in Baghdad’s so-called Baghdad security plan has helped reduce sectarian killings by about one-third since the beginning January 2007. His analysis is this

Bimbo Quote 1

“That is an important development, because sectarian murders can be a cancer in a neighborhood,”

Hows that for a news flash. 

And what – the rate of casualty is reduced by a couple of hundred ? And that is good?

Maybe someone must tell him that reducing the killings by a third is as good as Churchill negotiating with Hitler to kill 2 million Jews instead of 6 million.

Bimbo Quote 2

Reducing sectarian killings in Baghdad “is an area where there has been progress,”

And what about the rest of Iraq? 

Iraq had spiralled into an abyss of chaos and bloodshed that had not seen the light of day since the war was started 4 years ago.  Iraq had hit rock bottom and the only outcome of even a half baked security initiative can only result “progress”. Any asshole can do that.

Bimbo Quote 3

Petraeus called progress in the volatile western Anbar province “breathtaking” and said Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is “doing his best” at leading the country.

Truth is Nouri Al-Maliki does not have a Broad based supoport and has played a role in the sectarian killings. Before this Iraq had never known sectarianism – it meant nothing to them and they intermarried freely. Now George Bush had plunged these groups into permanent conflict and destabilised the rest of the region. An average of a hundred casualties a day, 1.6 million iraqis internally displaced and a further 1.8 million externally displaced, the country has virtually no economy despite having one of the largest oil reserves in the world, the people have no security or jobs, no electricity or water, the country is in shambles with absolutely no functioning civilian infrastruture for basic services at all.

Hows that for progress. It sure is “breathtaking”. The breathtaking magnitude of failure of the US led war makes the “tyranny” of Saddam look saintly

Progress My ass Petrae-Ass


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