Somalia turning into Iraq twice over


“Today we are witnessing an almost uncontained hyper-use of military force in international relations that is plunging the world into an abyss of permanent conflict,”      

Russian President Vladimir Putin, The daily telegraph

The conflict in Somalia is yet another example of the impotency of UN as an organisation as an assurance against mass carnage and genocide against helpless peoples. It failed in Kosovo, Rwanda, Lebanon, Afganistan, Iraq and most recently in Somalia. Besides speaking in chest thumping rhetoric for peace and freedom it had achieved little else as far as making the world a better world is concerned. It gives me the impression that the UN is an organisation designed to muster world resources for western interests only while paying lip service for the rest of the world.

It is now well known that the Ethiopian forces who claimed to act in their own national interests against terrorists who had taken refuge  in Somalia is a self serving myth. It is clear now that US aided the Ethiopian forces and funded the Alliance for the Restoration of Peace and Counter-Terrorism (ARPCT) to bring down the courts at the pretext of tracking down Al-Qaeda fighters who had purportedly sought refuge in Somalia.

The UN had not brought to task the TNG for it’s abject failure in government and as it turned  out, they were nothing but a bunch of tribal incompetents with nothing to show for. In their 6 or so years in office the people of Somalia had only seen more crime, homelesness, abject poverty, armed conflicts and unprecedented crime that left the country in a total mess. Where the success of the ICU in governance had been one that transcended clan politics and petty tribalism, the transitional government had been a bunch of infighting warlords who achieved nothing.

The achievenments of the ICU is nothing to scoff at for after the collapse of the Somali government in 1991, the ICU established crime prevention, law enforcement and administration, education, healthcare and welfare services..

The ICU’s police forces successfuuly curbed robberies and drug-dealing, as well as sexual immorality. They had public wide support – something that was never seen in recent history of Somalia. The courts different factions (Ifka Halan, Circolo, Warshadda and Hararyaale ) worked hand in hand through a joint in promotion of security and peace. – that saw the integration and co-operation of their security forces.

No doubt Somaila under the ICU had broad based support of the citizenry and experienced unprecedented peace and security that the transitional government had failed to provide. And yet the western governments were either silent or denounced the ICU as an illegitimate government and only regarded the transitional government as legitimate.

The European Union members and the US failed to see the point when peace and security emerged in Somalia and treated the courts with supicion only because it had the label “Islamic” to it;s name. Their bigotry and discrimination in that was indeed very telling. The issue of human rights, justice and democratic freedom only applies to them and their ilk – they have a different set of rules when they deal with muslims, black and others.

The US, far from establishing peace had stoked the fire of conflict all over the world. It further confirms that the current US administration is only interested in decimating muslims wherever it goes. When peace was established in Somalia, it sought to destroy it by actively aiding the ARPCT and the Ethiopians. When the Ethiopians ran a rampage last year they, destroyed years and years of peace established by the courts causing widespread conflict and displacement of hundreds of thousands of people.

Putin was right after all. The Bush Administration has absolutely nothing to show for in making the world a better place. It’s hands are tainted with the blood of millions of innocents.

I would be surprised if Americans still wonder why the world loves to hate them. They should take control of their democratic intitutions that was hijacked by bad leadership and abysmal administration. This despotic administration is the worst that the world has seen in US history. It had routinely violated human rights, supported police states and despotic regimes, detroyed peace in peacful states (as in somalia), promoted war (lebanon), divided the world into a “us versus them” mindset, failed to act against genocide, failed to implement disarmament of nukes and WMDs, failed to even acknowledge an impending environmental catastrophe – and the list just goes on.

The UN had thus far been totally impotent against such a tremendously dangerous back drop. It raises the question as to whether if the UN is still relevant. It has failed to stop genocide, failed in nuclear disarmament , failed to stop the scourge of capitalist inequalities, failed to implement measures against environmental disaster, failed to get consensus on international trade, failed to ease the effect of globalisation on the inpoverished, failed to curb poverty and famine. It has failed in every aspect of it’s stated goals it was expected to fulfil. The UN IS irrelvant.

Jeffery Sach recently remarked in one of his lectures in New York:

“We learned after September 11 how incredibly fragile our institutions are. We learned how they can be hi-jacked by fear and by misguided leadership. We did not see the bulwark of our institutions holding up. If the
war had been a rousing success we would have been on to more wars in the region, I have little doubt about it. That was the game plan. What can we do about it beyond hope? We can talk to each other, do what we’re doing now, alert each other that we are not past the risk right now. We still face real risks of self-fulfilling danger, because we are still with a mindset that is prone to a vulgarism of us versus them, a readiness to attack and bomb people whose names we can’t name, whose places we don’t know and couldn’t even locate on a map.”


It is indeed scary that the world will reach 9 billion in 2050 at the current population trajectory. But the speed at which the bodybags are piling in, thanks of course to bad leadership and bigotry, we may need more space to bury the dead than to feed and house the living.

Expect more wars, more poverty, more genocide, more conflict and more division from the Bush Administration and expect the UN to be nothing more than a bloated bureaucracy full of spectators watching the world burn. I have no doubts about that. May God save all of US.


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