I wrote this poem while vacillating between the “to-be-or-not-to-be” question when I was courting my wife. It was a heart wrenching moment – but I guess it was all worth it in the end…


An expectant face perks up like the earth

That saw the first rays of the morning sun

Lips quivering and frozen in a half mirth

Hesitant to admit the mixing of palpable affections 

I look away, afraid to face my wrongs

It kills me with a hundred cruel stabs

 To walk away from that which my heart forlorns

I know not why my legs jilted my crying heart 

Like water and oil in a clear glass

The chemistry of our nature keeps us apart

This charade rests heavily like a pointless farce

Yet I cannot halt the inertia of my drifting heart 

Your eyes were pregnant with my passion

It took captive of me from doing my wishes

For I refuse to answer your unasked questions

But that is my only door to a free conscience 

It damned me to ignore your enthralling pull

To a ruination of a mind full of compunction

Why my freedom lies in this emotional duel?

For rightly so it’s a duty I owe you not 

I cannot stand to use the force of reason

 To justify this violation of my emotions

But how I deny and be this brazen

To consciously self-inflict such pain 

Shall I succumb to my heart?

Or shall I stand by my stubborn head?

The sea by the dyke is kept apart

But when breached – do I swim or do I drown?


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