The World Has Failed Palestine

When 15 Brtish marines were captured, the UN security council convened in an emergency session and issued a resolution for their immediate release. The attack on Iraq was unprovoked and without any UN resolution and yet we have the EU supplying weapons and men in Afganistan and Iraq. The African nations are suffering from wars, poverty and famine and yet nothing is being done to resolve their plight. The west bank and Gaza has been burning for the past week and it has been burning for the most part of the 60 years. The UN has done nothing to alleviate their horrible plight under the murderous hands of the Israelis who are using Missiles from fighter jets on civilian population. The UN has turned a blind eye on such blatant disregard for human life? Why haven’t they intevened? It proves alot of things :

1) The UN is an organisation that is created to protects and further the interests of the Western Nations. It pays lip service with token action on all other issues

2) The actions of Israel are beyond reproach because they have nuclear weapons and they help kill muslims and they have suffered the “holocaust”.

3) Every action that needs to be taken by the UN needs US approval for it to be successful

It is very clear that the interests of non-western nations are not being represented and these nations need to withdraw from their membership in the UN and form their own union to counterbalance the UN.


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