Response to Salahudin on Why Doesn’t God show himself.

This is in respose to this piece by slahudin

As we can see from the pie chart (taken from about 84% of the world is religious. Theism vis-a-vis non-theism – the majority of the world believes in God. The secularists are a minority in the world today and yet they consider theocentric-belief as some kind of hocus pocus – Santa claus and the toothfairy notwithstanding.

It would be interesting to note that some of the greatest mind that are involved in revolutionising science – such as Einstein, Isaac Newton, Johann Karl Friedrich, Copernicus, Kepler and Galeleo – were believers in God. These guys were responsible for the great development of modern science as it is now and these guys thought there was an all-powerful being. I bet my last buck that they thought deeper than alot of secular scientists out there because it is far too easier to consume knowledge than it is to create it.

I consider the question of why it is more sensible to believe in a God than not, a no brainer. Science has opened up a cosmic can of worms in it’s bold quest for truth and lays there defeated by the mysteries of reality. Just to cite a few examples that science has not resolved by it’s own scientific standards :

*Why does some matter have mass while others don’t?

* Why the forces of physics (electo-magnetic, weak, strong and gravity) cannot be mathematically unified into one single expression even though they behave in the same way?

*If the theory of evolution is right what process in the so-called primordial soup triggered the animation of inanimate matter?

* What is time?

* Did time predate matter or co-existent with matter?

*What existed or happened at time zero of the big bang?

*What necessary cause caused the big bang? 

* Why only 30% of the universe can be materially accounted for while the rest of the 70% “matter” (so-called “Dark Matter”) cannot be observed?

* What is a black hole and how does it function

*Why do we sleep and what is the explanation for the loss of consciousness of the self?

* Why do we yawn?

* Why and how do we dream?

* What is the ghost behind the brain?

* What causes the effect of gravity?

* Why are there no intermediate species between the evolutionary “monkies”

*What happened to the neanderthals?

And the list just goes on. It just doesn’t end. Alot of these questions are explained away by preposterous presumptions. For example to the question of how the every parameter of the universe turned out just right that it did not collapse under it’s own weight? The answer is : The Multiverse – a theory where every possible permutation of matter is expressed in every way. This is a stupidity of convenience – because secularists just can’t answer why the universe turned out so right that made earth and all the life within it possible. Instead of finding a cause, they came up with an easy catch-all. This theory is also known as the “last refuge of the desparate atheist”. In other words – deny God at all costs – even rationality. The best of this is that they can’t answer why mater must express in all it’s possible ways to make the multiverse theory stick. They don’t even know what system can support a Multiverse. Theory after theory after theory and no answers.

Salahudin, this is the secular equivalent of the theistic Santa Claus and tooth fairy that you were referring to.

It is still true that science can tell you how something works but never why. That is the challenge for science – by it’s own standards. It cannot answer questions at a certain depth of knowledge.  And it has failed – extremely miserably. And nowadays they pass of vague “theories” as knowledge. I’m sorry Salahudin, It’s more sensible to believe in God – secular materialist answers are at the least – grossly incomplete.

If truth in this chart is denied – then 84% of the world are idiots.


3 Responses to “Response to Salahudin on Why Doesn’t God show himself.”

  1. salahudin Says:

    i’m going to boil down your argument to its basic assertions:

    you believe in god because:

    1- a lot of people in god.
    2- a few others well known scientists believed in god.
    3- science can not explain certain things

    to which i can just say: huh?

    none of these explain why god doesn’t show himself.

    instead of explaining that glaring problem, your mind automatically evaluated the explanation as “god does not exist”, so you felt you had to deny that evaluation by explaining why you DO believe god exists…

    this brings us to two problems:

    1- the reasons why you believe in god are questionable and weak… i’d discuss them, but that’s not the point of my question in my blog.

    2- the question why god doesn’t show himself, remains unanswered.

  2. insaneanonymous Says:

    The owner of the blog definitely falls into the category of a bigoted hypocrite if there ever was one.

    “Just to cite a few examples that science has not resolved by it’s own scientific standards”

    4 Steps to rationality:

    1. Get an education. And not the nonsensical “Quranic education”.

    2. Un-brainwash yourself.

    3. Read “The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins”.

    4. Stop bullshitting about stuff you clearly don’t know much about.

  3. salahudin Says:

    I wouldn’t be so harsh with him, insaneanonymous…

    He may not know any better… but that does not qualify him as a “bigot” or as someone who deserves to be bashed.

    We were all ignorant once, until we learnt. hmm? Rational discourse doesn’t allow for ad hominem

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