Why God Doesn’t Show up

This is the second response to salahudin on the above

 I’m sorry I did not get to your initial question. I was specifically addressing to your “are you kidding me” part. But it’s response also covers my larger point that science as we know it today though complex as it seems, is simply not sophisticated enough to answer or (by extension) ask questions relating to a non-material transcendental reality. I will explain why this renders moot the question of “Why Doesn’t God show himself.”

With the options that are before me at the moment, namely the choice of theistic and atheistic belief systems, science falls flat like last years soda when it comes to the hard questions. It is particularly telling of human cognitive weakness and the failure by secularists to understand the level of their cluelessness to the question of the nature reality. Stephen Hawkings was attributed to have said :
“The greatest enemy to knowledge is not ignorance; it is the illusion of knowledge”.

Stephen Hawking also wrote that , “the actual point of creation lies outside the scope of presently known laws of physics,” The instant of creation remains a scientific mystery.
So if science is telling us about the big bang and that which preceded it – the scientists are making it up – pure and simple. Something akin to the santa claus and the tooth fairy hocus pocus but masquerading as sure knowledge.

As far as the ontological or existential questions of the universe is concerned, science may well be barking up the wrong tree together with it’s adherents.

So what would god look like if he were to show up? Obviously science cannot answer that because it blinds itself to explaining observable phenomena with fantastic theories.
Coming back, what kind of image would satisfy your notion of “God”? Would a humongous ethereal being descending from the heavens with huge white wings with a magic wand claiming to be God satisfy you? Or do you want some guy claiming to be God and curing the sick with the name Jesus to appear? Or would you dismiss him as some sort of an illusionist? What exactly do you expect to see when you talk about god never showing up? What really is your idea of “God”, the existence of which you deny? What do you want to see?
It’s pretty hard to fathom your question alone because it lacks some idea on your part as to what should constitute a “God” as the theist would like to have you believe in. Before you deny, you should know that which you deny in all reasonableness.

As far as my position is concerned, science has proven to be grossly incomplete as something that one can totally believe in. This leaves me a relatively far superior and sensible choice of subscribing myself to believing in an all-powerful transcendental reality that is responsible for all creation.

In short I’d rather be deluded by the God Delusion than be “stupidified” by science.

The reason being that the concept of an imperfect human understanding and apprehension of reality directly resulting from sensory and perceptive limitations makes it impossible to fathom a transcendental reality. Science can’t even fathom the nature of the Universe – what else the question of God? Humans are simply not equipped to apprehend and understand the true nature of reality.

So allegations of perceived delusions about God and the associated flaws in theo-centric belief systems, really exist in the human mind not in God. The mind is unable to apprehend such a reality and it’s flawed understanding, of what little it knows, tends to see something that is right as something that is wrong no matter how it sees it. This is because it’s fundamental principles, assumptions are flawed due to sensory and perceptive limitations. The concept of God is reality in supreme perfection but the understanding of humans of such a concept – both theists and secularists alike – is not.
As such proponents of secular materialistic beliefs should concentrate on perfecting their understanding of reality before they find fault with theists.

So the flaw really is in man’s ability to see “God” than it is in the fact that he exists. Just because you can’t see him does not mean that he does not exist. Just because the frog in the well cannot apprehend nor comprehend my existence does not simply negate that fact that I exist. And by virtue of the fact that the frog in the well cannot understand the fact of my existence automatically throws it’s understanding of my purpose into dreadful error if it ever gets to such a question.
Such an understanding of transcendental perfection of ideas is akin to the Socratic idea of the existence of transcendental perfection of forms as seen in it’s relative representations in the material world.
So to the question of did God create man or did man create god – the answer is the latter. It is man’s imperfect idea of God that gets represented here because of his limitations in his ability to perceive, comprehend, understand and communicate a transcendental reality which renders impossible the scientific quest for knowing the reality of God.

The microsope and the telescope can only see so far and beyond which is calculated speculation and further beyond still is absolute nonsense – such as the wild theories of the multiverse, the foggy abstractions of the M-theory and the propositions of the Anthropic principle.
So to belittle something based on ill-conceived notions, half-baked constructs without having the ability to fully appreciate the mind’s limitations is fatal for secular philosophy. That is why ideas of people like Richard Dawkins can be confined to the dustbins of science as constructs more deluded than their alleged delusions against a belief in God.

My answer to you is :
1) The asker of the question of “Why God doesn’t show up” is unsure as to what he means when he speaks of a God. What is really meant in the question is unclear? What kind of idea does the asker want to be represented with so that (hypothetically speaking) you can identify God when he does show up? What standards do we apply? Material standards (which is grossly inadequate) or metaphysical standards (which is grossly unsubstantiable nor comprehensible)?
2) Material science has been reduced to the theoretical and abstract mathematical realm of Quantum physics and cosmic science has been reduced to vague theories because up to a certain point material observations have become impossible in the infinitesimal and the overawing at the infinitude. How can one expect to “see” God when one can’t even see or know what is before him to fully understand it? The fact that important unanswered questions exist, points to a failure in understanding of the nature of reality. Without these answers being in order one simply cannot proceed from such a stance to judge the question of an all-powerful transcendental reality simply because when the basics are flawed the answers will be skewed. How does one expect to behold and apprehend the infinite with the limited self when his knowledge is imperfect?
The atheists’ question of “Why God doesn’t show up” not only shows a lack of appreciation of the concept of an all-powerful transcendental reality (i.e “God”) as it is understood, but also a failure to acknowledge the necessary flaws proceeding from human perceptive and sensory limitations.

So the question by virtue of these reasons is rendered moot at the very least.


2 Responses to “Why God Doesn’t Show up”

  1. trojancameron Says:

    one thing you might want to delve into is how scientists talk about how all things are possible in the realm of the infinite and, if time is infinite then God (aka a “possibility”) becomes a foregone conclusion…an interesting tangent to this logic would beg the question of what would result in a relative temporal setting?

    just food for thought 😉

  2. iqbaldinho Says:

    Yeah it’s an interesting thought. And I’ve thought about it myself many times. But the question of time is a tricky one – is time there or is it not? As far as I understand, God is eternal and to exist in eternity is not the same as existing in infinite time.

    To give you an objective example as to why this is not absurd we can consider einstein’s special theory of relativity where anything travelling at the speed of light ceases material existence and the flow of time stops for that matter. The material self sort of “dies” and becomes the non-material self as it moves into another parallel existence.

    It also shows that a photon does not exist in our dimension even though we can feel it’s effects.

    In this instance a photon exists outside of the flow of time – in other words eternal. And eternity in theology should not be misunderstood to mean to be infinite time or existing forever but rather to be eternal is to not be affected by the time at all. Time is not a factor for it’s existence.

    Theists believe that God created time to bind man in material existence while the soul is eternal. That which is created cannot bind that which creates so God cannot exist in infinite time either.

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