Stupidity Personified

He came to power by thin margins and through questionable election results – both in 2000 and 2004. He evades tough questions by giving stupid answers. And the mainstream media buys it like anything.

Do Americans really know who they elected or do they just elect people who are stupid every once in a while? This guy is an embarrasment to the American people. He broke so many international laws with impunity, he justifies an untenable position with non-relavant answers and justifies them with platitudes.

Does he know what he is doing and the implication of his actions or is he just a puppet to the neo-con powerbrokers? Whatever it is the world had already paid a heavy price for giving the seat of power to one who is intellectually challenged.

Intelligence can give anyone the edge but no one should underestimate the devastating power of stupidity – and George Bush is proof of that. I challenge anyone to explain me what bush was talking in the snippet below coz stupidity is more complex than I thought.

The way the media is lapping it up as though George Bush as the greatest visonary who stands for peace and freedom speaks volumes of how bigotry justifies itself in human thought in sophisticated ways. And the greatest tragedy of it all is that how such stupidity has mass following – not the fact that it created so much of sufferring in the world. It makes Hitler look like a petty bicycle thief.

If such works represent the age of enlightenment, I don’t want to even imagine what could be termed as the age of stupidity.


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