Password Joke

I got this joke via SMS from Judy, a friend of mine and I am the sort of person who finds the world, as it is now, as having nothing to be really happy about. So I really can’t remember when I had a good hearty laugh. That was before I received this SMS from Judy and it made my day. Thanks Judy. And the Joke goes…

“A man who, after working his way up the technology food-chain, discoverd e-mails. He decided to have a go at it as a sign of his advancement in the New digital World and started by setting up his very own new e-mail account with his wife looking on intently. As he was filling up the questionnaire he came to the part about his desired password. Feeling creatively macho and to show off to his wife, he typed his password as “Penis”. The wife fell right off of her chair laughing hysterically when the next message appeared rejecting his password :

“Your Password is not long enough”


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