Israeli Judge : “We have a paper from God”

During a BBC call-in dialogue session last sunday an Israeli lady phoned in to say that Annapolis (Arab-Israeli peace initiative) will be unfair to Israel. Her reason was that Israeli gave gaza and allowed the palestinians to live in their midst with nothing given in return by the palestinians but terrorists killing Israelis. She claimed to the effect that palestinians are not worth Israeli time in giving land for peace because history has proven that the palestinians keep killing Israelis no matter what concessions are given by the Israelis. She shouted on the phone “we’ve got nothing from the palestinians – zero!”.

I would just like to remind people such as this lady (whose name I did’t get) that when the Jews came from Europe to join some of their brethren already living in some parts of the then palestine in the early 1900s, they had nothing. These jews came and took over palestinian land and property and claimed it for themselves. And then use it as bargaining chip for “peace” as showcase the whole act as though it was a great act of sacrificial benevolence. When land was partitioned by the UN and further land was sequestered by the IDF much later – the Israeli did not pay the palestininas a single cent. Why? Because according to bibilical apocrypha god bequeathed the promised land to the jews and as such they are entitled to the land without paying a single cent.

What a load of bullshit. Since when did God became a real estate agent for people (read : zionist) who do not believe in him? Since when did god bequeath favours upon thieves? If the palestinins are behaving like terrorists resisting Israel’s illegal sequestration of land that did not belong to them, then Israel is even worse than the the “terroists” they are complaining against.

What the Jews are doding to the Palestinians is the exact same thing Hitler did to the European Jewery but Hitler was denounced as a genocidal maniac for all history while these thievs in Palestine are benevolent angels? People who buy this line of thinking should simply go to hell.

Already what the Israeli did was thievery, and then they claim that they are giving it away out of benevolence without getting back nothing in return. But the Israelis did not own anything to give away in the first place. So this line of argument does not stand even if the court was a circus.

Check out this story narration of an Israeli judge dismissing legitimate claim of land by a palestinian with legal title with a simple “but we have paper from God!” – yes a judge (go figure!)


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