Can robots “think”?

This looks is a no brainer and yet we struggle to comprehend this question.

We can simulate human neural functions like logical thinking, reasoning, language etc (i.e. left-brain activities) but can we simulate right brain functions like appreciation of music and art? It’s not humanly possible because these are subjective attributes that has no dicernable pattern to capture, imitate and reproduce. It is thus really a misnomer to say that robots can think. Thinking is a unique human attribute that can only be simulated or copied to a rudimentary degree. The origins of thought processes and how it develops and is processed within the neuro-circuitry are a mystery that eludes any explanation – scientific or otherwise. Even in this day and age we can only theorise how the brain functions. So we should have no illusions about robots possessing cognition, creativity or imagination. Its what we put into it and as such they function as an extention of our brain.


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