Democracy : An abject failure for the world

I’m no political scientist, but the way I see it by the way the world is moving, democracy as a philosophical movement, as an ideology, as a political mechanism, as a strong base for economics and commerce and as a governing principle for an increasingly interdependent and shrinking world – is an abject failure. The most glaring failure is at the political level where power-hungry and imperial political elitism still exists. Even for America now this holds true. Power is being abused while those in power vehemently ascribe to themselves claim democratic credentials. The sorry state that the world has been since the end of the world wars with unresolved conflicts perpetuated by self-righteous democracies such as the US, Israel, France and the UK.

Democracy is supposed to be a vanguard against political imperialism and corruption, totalitarian tyranny, dictatorial high-handedness, gross official incompetence and a whole host of other political evils that brings humanity to ruins. It is supposed to return dignity to every human being and respect for every individual’s belief. And even though not everyone gets what they want it is supposed to bring about the best solution to the larger society as a whole via clever elicitation of society’s will and earnest administration of society’s wisdom.

In theory it looks as pretty and romantic with it’s platitudinous principles –“power to the people”, “Rule of Law”, “separation of powers”, the highest political master, thus publicly empowered, sworn to lowly service to his people etc. etc. This is beautiful. But the reality is anything but.

Much of the world is in political turmoil and much of it are started and sustained by democracies. So far, instead of vesting the power with the people and empowering them to effect political change through collective will when things go awry, we have those in power clinging on to their powers and using it to perpetuate their political presence and their own personal ideologies and principles in flagrant disregard of the will and wants of the people and the common good. They are hell bent on strengthening their positions as long as they are allowed by the system that they happily hijacked once they came into power. I don’t have to name names the examples are readily available here and now.

The democratic system is a fucking failure because it failed to factor in the motherfucking assholes who deviously slip through the idiot filters and hold the world hostage to their tyranny. The problem of it is that the system assumes those who are elected to power are so elected by carefully calculated exercise common will. This is supposed to allow the people to elect a person who is the best among them. But alas, the common people can be idiotic bigots in large numbers trying to propagate their ideology through threat and force. This will throw the fucking spanner in the democratic works.

Lets face it people tend to be evil, selfish and egocentric when they can get away with it. The flimsy checks and balances has failed to protect the people from an overbearing government.

It has caused much misery to the world especially now that we are so interconnected and thus one callous action (or inaction) can cause so much damage to whole peoples half way across the world.

We need a new philosophy. The world needs a new system. Maybe we already have it – but we’re just not using it. Democracy is a fucking failure. Albeit it’s beautiful philosophy it does not work. We need a better mechanism other the that of the western styled ones, to re-establish a better social, political, economic and governing order.


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