Sex Change operations : IT’S IN THE GENES STUPID

The inane logic of modern jurisprudence


Are there legal mechanisms to deal with anomalies produced by the ever changing realities of life? Recently a 34 year old “man”, Thomas Beatty,  from USA, Oregon, gave birth to a baby via artificial insemination. His female partner was unable to produce any offspring “he” decided to spring into action. As recently as the 1980s, human attributes such as sex and race are immutable. But that has all changed with the law now recognising sex change operations made via approved means as valid.


Now the problem is if the woman transforms into a “man”, and decides to give birth, it exposes some flaws in our legal philosophy of recognising such perverted social tendencies that still forms a minority within a small minority in our societies.  At the moment there is no legal mechanism to properly deal with such anomalies.


If a legal male gives birth –will the birth certificate then reflect the father as the one who gave birth? It doesn’t sound right from the start – the law on this needs a re-think – all the way to the drawing board because to deal with the unforeseen anomalies, on an ad hoc basis, produced as a result recognising something that is largely unacceptable and that which flies in the face of hard practical realities or even scoffed at in our society (here in Singapore) is not really the way to go.


In Singapore the gender change sought by persons undergoing sex change operations done via approved means enjoy full legal recognition. The folly of the authorities everywhere is in their failure in understanding of the simple fact  that gender in human beings is something more visceral than their cosmetic physiological alteration would want us to believe.


The nature of gender in humans is more in the programming contained within the genes than anything else. This is what creates that fine balance in us in our hormones combined with the psycho-physiological make-up of our bodies that makes us a man or a woman. The fundamental core of our gender is in our genetic make-up. And the authorities should come to such understanding before going free and easy with the law regarding sex change operations.


The alteration or addition in sex-change operations, such as artificial breasts and penises, are even non-functioning to begin with. The surgically rendered “vagina” is just a freaking little hole for crying out loud. How on earth does that make a man into a woman?


While the person may psychologically feel like the opposite gender, he or she is essentially still the same sex as he or she was before.


The authorities may have to face the embarrassing prospect of having to deal with, as they say in computer terminology, an “unhandled error” caused by their folly in being overly eager to recognise some medical procedure still in it’s infancy as a revolutionary technological triumph, that hardly even addresses an iota of an issue of truly being male or female. This freak result is largely due to the fault of the various rights movement originating in the west . And as with all unhandled errors – it exposes the weakness in the underlying program and it ends up screwing up the whole bloody system that treats the ensuing problems in piecemeal fashion while largely ignoring or being oblivious of the underlying fundamental fault.

In this case the “error” at a fundamental level and the implication could go much deeper than we thought. It exposes a flaw in the western philosophy and socio-political thought. The fundamental philosophy of absolute individual freedom of thought and action has brought about a situation where it produced a truly fucked up situation where everybody is supposed to respect every individual’s personal choice, no matter how screwed up the philosophy is, no matter how it screws up the larger society no matter what problem it causes to the various cultures in existence.


The force of a responsible democratic society and it’s laws, they believe, will weed out such behaviour to the dustbins of history. But it did not happen because the problem with western democracy is that it failed to anticipate the lopsided exception of lobby groups in the system that wield power and influence that is disproportionate to their number. And as such they are able to influence policy decisions at a political level without really getting into the political hotseats.


Trans-gender surgery as transforming one into an opposite sex is no more real than a fake Rolex being a real Rolex. Mere cosmetic similarity does not makee something the real Mcoy. Sex change operations as we see today don’t cause gender transmutations for the simple fact that the sexual organ(s) that went through the knife are non-functional. The issue of human sexual distinction is more visceral than that.

The fact that the law recognises this as real is laughable because it ignores the underlying scientific realities that glaringly screams otherwise.


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