The Israeli Genocidal Maniacs

They did it again – they bombed UN compound in Gaza when exact GPS co-ordinates were given to the Israelis prior to the war. In the Lebanon war of July 2006 they killed UN observers. a few days back they bombed a UN school and killed 40+ men women and children despite knowing the exact location of the site.

Surprisingly, their air-offensive cannot discriminate between civilians and militant despite having state-of-the-art military technology – thanks to none other than the US. Despite all the talk of spreading peace the US has been supplying weapons to Israel to kill civilians. They vehemently deny targeting civilians though and they admittedly took pains to avoid civilian casualty. But ground reports point to the contrary. They bombed buildings like mosques, hospitals and other civilian buildings while claiming everytime that the place was either had by militants or used by hamas as a weapons store.

So their air offensive is a blunt tool by a long shot we could give them the benefit of doubt – but we should not be expecting any such “accidents” in a ground offensive right?. Nope, it did’nt happen. Reports from the ground indicate that women, children and non-combatants are being targeted despite the fact that they see white flags all around. The Israelis even the temerity to suggest that the hamas militants were hiding within the civilian population therefore Hamas as the sole responsible party for killing it’s own civilian population through Israeli guns. What a load of bullshit. Such answers are an insult to the intelligence of the international community. Slightly more than a third of all the 1000+ dead are children.

This is not a war – it’s a massacre or more politically, ethnic cleansing. The signs that they want to kill every living Palestinian in Gaza is very telling.

If they wanted to minimize civilian casualty, they should have allowed the old, sick, women and children to leave by opening the border crossings. But as you have it, they closed all the border crossings, effectively trapping the civilians to face the Israeli bombs with no shelter and no safety.

The Israelis are murderers of innocents claiming Hamas rockets as the sole reason for the war. But if they had put an almost total blockade on gaza for the past 18 months or so, there will be no reason for the Hamas rockets to land in Israel in the first place.

It seems like for every day of the war an average of 50 Palestinian in dead. And it is believed that most of them are non-combatants. Some were even shot in the back. It’s unthinkable that children could be murdered with such cruelty. The UN is still spewing a lot of hot-air while Gaza is ending up in huge plumes of smoke. The Israelis Genocidal maniacs need to be stopped before they decimate the Gaza population.


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