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Singapore Idol 2009 – Top 4? Not again!!!

November 25, 2009

What a bummer, I sat through the wholelive telecast of the singapore idol show hoping to see an elimination. But it was a let down – in a stupendously stupid move – the show producers had decided not to eliminate anyone.

My question is – Then what is their freaking point of today’s show which is supposed to be a competition where the idol with the least vote gets kicked out. What a waste of my precious time sitting throught the whole shit only to be let by an anti climax. It may well be a performace show for Aids awareness day and the idols were the guys who get to be screwed and totally used for it.

They washed cars and did alot of other social-services that the producers decided that they should do to ensure their return the following week. What are theygonna do next – clean toilets awareness day? They gonna get the idols and arm them with toilet brushes while belting out their favourite music?

I just don’t get it – it was such a waste of my time. TCS has not given any explanation for their stupid action. My only guess is that they are trying to prolong the idol fever to up their viewership ratings, generate more advertisement income, make people spend more money on smses. Or the whole shit could be a ploy to save Charles “Boring” Wong. It’s anybody’s guess.

It’s baffling, does not do justice to the thousands of voters who paid good money to see some results, nor for the viewers who spent their prime hours of the evening to see a show but only to be disappointed by an anti climax. Most of all it does not do justice to todays winners. What if today’s loser manages to catch up next week and today’s winner gets kicked out next week? Its not fair. Just when you were reaching the finishing line they shifted the goal posts. A big thumbs down for TCS and the Idol producers. It simply does not do any justice

The Halal-food-in-school issue

February 13, 2008

I refer to this recent furore about the establishment of halal canteen in a public school here in Singapore.

The head of the school from the perspective of principled consistency in administration was technically not wrong. But he has ignored the deeply ingrained existing realities and has thus faltered egregriously on a very sensitive issue that violated an implicit but common understanding among the different peoples here.

 He has failed to fully appreciate that:

1)  mainstream schooling here is a secular government establishment.

2) adequate provisions had been made for muslim students halal food requirements

3) the existing system was working fine for all (i.e he tried to fix a thing that was not broken in the first place)

Fundamentally, the government, due to reasons entrenched in our historical cultural demography coupled with colonial era political legacy and post-independence socio-political upheaval, finds it imperative to preserve the secular character of the school system to allow for the peaceful sharing of the fast dwindling common space here.

The idea is to allow for healthy human social interaction and engagement and peaceful co-existence while preserving the socio-cultural distinctiveness of every group. So it is a situation that not only calls for tolerance of each others cultural behaviour and practices but also to actively partake in and gain knowledge and experience of the ways of our fellow citizens who are different from each other.

In Australia New Zealand, Europe and the north-Americas, a myriad of different cultures, even including that of the indigenous population, were uncermoniously (and sometimes violently) subsumed by a single dominant culture under a socio-political policy of integration. In Singapore we adhere to a policy of pluralism in the societal administration of our social and economic policies.

Like every system of choice there are always trade-offs and one major trade-off of a policy of pluralism is the opportunity-cost of social cohesion at the expense of allowing indivdual space for cultural expression and practices of the various social and cultural groups.

So while a policy of integration works to unite people it robs the society of the colour and vibrance of the symbiotic-diversity that pluralist societies, such as that of Singapore‘s, enjoy.

Muslims, like the rest of the peoples here already enjoy their own cultural space and to push the limits of tolerance that may unduly pressurise others into grudgingly accept a policy that violates the fundamental rules of common space is not only unfair, it is downright insensitive. The principal should have known better as his only serves to play upon the weak social fabric of this pluralist society that took decades to stabilise. It puts the spotlight on the darker side cultural differences and lowers the threshold of tolerance among its peoples.

For muslims it is a double whammy because firstly they are not the dominant cultural group even though they wield a relatively stronger influence despite their small numbers. Secondly this negative spotlight will have a ripple effect on the rest of the muslims who may be treated with wariness whenever they stake their claim to theor share of their cultural pie.

The principal thus should have realised the gravity of  implementing such risky policies with scant regard for the sensitivities of others and existing realities. Such principled halal policies are only fit for a madrasah or where people are generally in agreement to such a move.

Having said that, the government also needs to do more to address the needs of muslims seeking religious education instead of the mainstream secular ones. The madrasahs need more funding and more infrastructural attention.

Paying token service to this need while statutorily and administratively restricting parents from exercising their choice to send their children to a non-mainstream schools is not a step in the right direction.

If the demand is there, the government must provide the necessary infrastructure and the required funding to accommodate a significant cultural group. Compulsory secular education could also be done in a madrasah. If the government pays scant regard to such important needs then there is always a danger that this need may spill into the common arena and cause unnecessary social upheavals.

Israeli Judge : “We have a paper from God”

November 28, 2007

During a BBC call-in dialogue session last sunday an Israeli lady phoned in to say that Annapolis (Arab-Israeli peace initiative) will be unfair to Israel. Her reason was that Israeli gave gaza and allowed the palestinians to live in their midst with nothing given in return by the palestinians but terrorists killing Israelis. She claimed to the effect that palestinians are not worth Israeli time in giving land for peace because history has proven that the palestinians keep killing Israelis no matter what concessions are given by the Israelis. She shouted on the phone “we’ve got nothing from the palestinians – zero!”.

I would just like to remind people such as this lady (whose name I did’t get) that when the Jews came from Europe to join some of their brethren already living in some parts of the then palestine in the early 1900s, they had nothing. These jews came and took over palestinian land and property and claimed it for themselves. And then use it as bargaining chip for “peace” as showcase the whole act as though it was a great act of sacrificial benevolence. When land was partitioned by the UN and further land was sequestered by the IDF much later – the Israeli did not pay the palestininas a single cent. Why? Because according to bibilical apocrypha god bequeathed the promised land to the jews and as such they are entitled to the land without paying a single cent.

What a load of bullshit. Since when did God became a real estate agent for people (read : zionist) who do not believe in him? Since when did god bequeath favours upon thieves? If the palestinins are behaving like terrorists resisting Israel’s illegal sequestration of land that did not belong to them, then Israel is even worse than the the “terroists” they are complaining against.

What the Jews are doding to the Palestinians is the exact same thing Hitler did to the European Jewery but Hitler was denounced as a genocidal maniac for all history while these thievs in Palestine are benevolent angels? People who buy this line of thinking should simply go to hell.

Already what the Israeli did was thievery, and then they claim that they are giving it away out of benevolence without getting back nothing in return. But the Israelis did not own anything to give away in the first place. So this line of argument does not stand even if the court was a circus.

Check out this story narration of an Israeli judge dismissing legitimate claim of land by a palestinian with legal title with a simple “but we have paper from God!” – yes a judge (go figure!)


Israel Rated World’s Sixth-Largest Nuclear Power

November 12, 2007

The west, namely The US, Britain and France has no business poking it’s nose into North Korean and Iranian internal affairs.

Firstly they are not honest brokers and their mediation efforts in the middle east is only about their own economic interests (read : oil) and the interests of Israel. Their motives are thus suspect.

Secondly, the political climate of late in the west has become staunchly right wing, anti-Islamic and brazenly racist.

Thirdly they practice double standards when imposing the law on some while conveniently ignoring the atrocities of others. Such as ignoring India’s pursuit of nuclear armament while crying foul over Iran and North Korea.

 Fourthly, these countries routinely use (or abuse) their power in the UN, that is unfairly and disproportionately tilted in favour of western countries anyway, to push their own countries political agendas. Asians form 61% of the world’s population, there is only one permanent seat in the UN’s security council allocated for us – which is represented by China. While Europeans and Americans form a paltry 12% of the world population. And yet the west occupies 80% of the security council’s permanent seats with no representation of the Africans nor of the Latin Americans.

The gross under-representation of the non-western world in the UN is a cause for concern because the UN then becomes the tool of abuse of power of the world’s dominant powers (read : the west)

 We move in this day and age with our eyes wide shut ignoring the danger posed by Israel, the human rights atrocities by tyrants, Aids and other epidemic, poverty, enironmental depradation, human moral degradation etc etc.. and kill innocent people wantonly spending billions of dollars in wars that is not justified in Iraq and Afganistan. If this is so-called the age of enlightenment, by god I don’t even want to know the definition of darkness.

Taken from

History repeats itself: a Middle Eastern country launches its own nuclear program. The international community suspects it is a cover for building atomic weapons. The United States calls for the country’s nuclear sites to be inspected. Another government urges the country to scrap its nuclear plans. It is answered by defiant boasts that the nation’s sovereignty will not be compromised.
The country in question is not Iran in 2006, but Israel in 1969. The current dispute over Iran’s nuclear program has shocking parallels with the tensions sparked off by Israel’s attempts to acquire the nuclear bomb in the 60s. The only major difference is that the U.S. decided at the time not to curb the Israeli nuclear program. Recently declassified documents reveal that the Nixon administration reached a secret understanding with the Israelis in 1969 that allowed them to pursue their nuclear program as long as they maintain a policy of deliberate ambiguity.
In fact, this understanding paved the way for Israel, the 4th largest military power in the world, to be the only nuclear power in the Middle East and the world’s sixth country to acquire atomic weapons, a title its government has never admitted nor denied, according to an article on AFP. Despite its policy of ambiguity, Israel’s nuclear arsenal is estimated between 200 and 300 warheads. According to Eldridge, editor in chief of Jane’s Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defense, this estimate “is based on the production capacity of the country’s reactors.”
Meanwhile, the International Institute of Strategic Studies estimates the number of warheads that Israel possesses as being “up to 200”. And the Nuclear Threat Initiative, a U.S. advocacy group co-founded by Ted Turner, the founder of CNN and a former senator, believes that Israel’s arsenal “is comparable in quality and quantity to that of France and the United Kingdom.”
With French assistance, Israel built a nuclear weapons facility at Dimona in the Negev desert in 1958. The Dimona site has a plutonium/tritium production reactor, an underground chemical separation plant, and nuclear component fabrication facilities. In the early years of its nuclear program, Israel may have used French testing data to confirm its own weapon designs. Moreover, recently declassified British documents show that Britain helped Israel in making its nuclear bomb forty years ago, when it sold the Jewish state 20 tonnes of heavy water, a key substance for the production of atomic bombs. Experts suggest that the Israeli Defense Forces had their first nuclear weapons ready before the Six-Day War.
In 1986, Mordechai Vanunu, a former technician at Dimona, revealed to the media evidence that Israel possessed and produced nuclear weapons. At the time of Vanunu’s arrest, The Times reported that Israel had material for approximately 20 hydrogen bombs and 200 fission bombs.
According to AFP, an unspecified number of ground-to-ground missiles, comprising short range Jericho 1 and medium range Jericho 2 missiles, forms Israel’s strategic force. At the end of the 1990s, the Jewish state also acquired three diesel-powered, Dolphin-class submarines, capable of launching nuclear-armed cruise missiles. Moreover, the Washington Post recently reported that Israel has succeeded in modifying U.S.-made cruise missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads to be launched from submarines.
Unlike Iran and North Korea, Israel has never signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, designed to prevent the global spread of nuclear weapons. As a result, it is not subject to inspections and the threat of sanctions by the United Nations nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which has repeatedly asked Israel to give up its secret nuclear arsenal to avoid an arms race in the Middle East.
U.S. intelligence agencies often omit Israel from semiannual reports to Congress identifying countries developing weapons of mass destruction to protect the Jewish state from any economic or military sanctions. On the other hand, the U.S. is leading an international campaign against Iran over its nuclear program, which Tehran insists is for generating power.
Israel also stepped up rhetoric against Iran. Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres warned on Monday that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has called for Israel to be wiped off the map, should bear in mind that his own country could also be destroyed.
Although Peres didn’t say who should attack Iran, he implied that military action should be led by the U.S., pointing to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
The U.S. is striving to get a UN Security Council resolution demanding the Islamic Republic to halt uranium enrichment activities. But the truth is that Tehran hasn’t violated the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) or any other international obligations.
“Let me remind everybody that nothing Iran is accused of doing is illegal,” said Scott Ritter, the former UN weapons inspector who challenged the Bush administration’s drive to Iraq War. “We’re condemning Iran for doing that which is permitted under a treaty which it has signed and entered into in force, and has UN inspectors on the ground verifying Iranian compliance.”
It is obvious that Israel, which already possesses nuclear weapons, poses danger to Middle East stability. The U.S.–the only nation to have ever used nuclear weapons against human beings– should bear in mind this fact before it presses Tehran over its nuclear ambitions. Washington’s refusal to consider Iran’s proposal to make the Middle East a nuclear-free zone shows what all the U.S. hype about Iran’s nuclear program is really about. It simply doesn’t want to eliminate nuclear weapons in the Middle East as long as they remain in the hands of an ally.

Israel : The Torah, their Title deed & God, their Real estate agent – never mind the evil

September 5, 2007

Zionism made the Jews believe this for their own political ends (that the promised land is theirs only). It used this honest Jewish belief to wreck lives and destroy a whole nation. “Never again” was their slogan but they do it again and again.

No doubt the Torah and the Quran says that the land was promised by their God to the Jews. But this is a belief that is rooted in theolgy – and in no way has any justification whatsoever for action to fulfil secular objectives. So the resultant supplanting of arab Palestine must be wholly based on Judaic theocratic ideals – not on secular ideals. Because that (the torah) was their ONLY basis of their claim to the promised land.

We must understand that the Israel of Davidian times is a theocracy – not a secular (pseudo-) democracy. The land that was promised to them in Palestine by Yahweh was contingent upon 1) their unwavering belief in Him and 2) that they act righteously – otherwise they have no claim over it.

But the death of innocents, the wanton destruction, the deliberate defoliation of cultured lands, and the continued criminal land grab of the legitimately owned property is an evil beyond expression. Would Moses – who delivered the hebrews from the Pharoah condoned such an ideology of hatred called Zionism?

Some not so cool facts here about Israel that the so-called free media of the west would be reluctant to exercise it’s freedom of expression over. But when it comes to bashing palestinians, Arabs and muslims – they reserve their right to free speech – if the Danish cartoons are at all any indicator of this media and political hypocrisy.

If a picture speaks a thousand words – this three speaks in encyclopediac volumes because of the unmitigated oppression that has been imposed upon the palestinians. Apartheid did not die with Nelson Mandela – It is still alive and kicking in the heart of the middle east. Fascism and “genocidism” did not die with Hitler – it is still alive here in the blessed promised land.

If there is one terror that will divide and destroy the world – it is not not the god loving Jews, nor their religion, nor their torah, not the christians nor their bible, not Islam nor their quran – it is the terror of this secular Zionist and their secular ilk (the neo cons) and their dangerous ideolgy of hatred – so much hatred they bring into this blessed world that it would make Hitler – their erstwhile tormentor – look like a petty bicycle thief.

Stupidity Personified

June 24, 2007

He came to power by thin margins and through questionable election results – both in 2000 and 2004. He evades tough questions by giving stupid answers. And the mainstream media buys it like anything.

Do Americans really know who they elected or do they just elect people who are stupid every once in a while? This guy is an embarrasment to the American people. He broke so many international laws with impunity, he justifies an untenable position with non-relavant answers and justifies them with platitudes.

Does he know what he is doing and the implication of his actions or is he just a puppet to the neo-con powerbrokers? Whatever it is the world had already paid a heavy price for giving the seat of power to one who is intellectually challenged.

Intelligence can give anyone the edge but no one should underestimate the devastating power of stupidity – and George Bush is proof of that. I challenge anyone to explain me what bush was talking in the snippet below coz stupidity is more complex than I thought.

The way the media is lapping it up as though George Bush as the greatest visonary who stands for peace and freedom speaks volumes of how bigotry justifies itself in human thought in sophisticated ways. And the greatest tragedy of it all is that how such stupidity has mass following – not the fact that it created so much of sufferring in the world. It makes Hitler look like a petty bicycle thief.

If such works represent the age of enlightenment, I don’t want to even imagine what could be termed as the age of stupidity.

Israel : The Last Apartheid outpost

February 20, 2007

This is the stuff that does not ever form the main news of the mainstream media. I scoff at the shameless claims of Israel being the “only true democracy” in the middle east. Their openly discriminatory laws against the Palestinians, the criminal sequestration of privately owned palestinian land and homes just because every inch of Israel was divinely sanctioned Jewish property. What a load of bullshit.

The Jews say : “Hey” we have proof right here in the old testament that says Israel is ours. If God says it’s ours it’s ours. So we’re gonna change the name of Palestine and name it Israel coz that’s our right.”

What did the world expect from the palestinians and Arabs to do – shower the jews with flowers and invite them to take over their land, bulldoze their homes and kill their women and children? 

What am I supposed to make of this bunch of assholes who use God as their real estate agent and the scriptures as their title deed? If what they claim is true, then it is the single most horrendous blasphemy that I have ever heard against God. It implies that God is immoral, He gives arbitrarily and is manifestly unfair. If this is God, then I don’t want to know the what makes a Satan coz it scares the shit out of me.

These guys are even worse than their “terrorists” Palestinian neighbours who “blow up for no reason other than the fact that they hate the jews”.

 One thing I know is that when people take their life, there is no one pathetic reason as simple as “hating the jews for being Jewish”. Obviously the Jews did something seriously wrong which did not sit well with the people in the receiving end of the bullshit. The mainstream media does not give it’s due weightage in reporting. The world not only ignores their pleas but also actively support the jews with money and nuclear arms.

The Jews will ultimately have to bear the blame for the terrorism scourge in the middle east and elsewhere. They bring it upon themselves and play the victim. It gives them the moral right to kill anyone who even remotely threatens them and if they can’t do it, they’ll make the US do it for them.

Here are a bunch of criminals ganging up with full international support, illegally misappropriating property and killing innocent peoples AND THE WORLD IS WATCHING IT. Here below is another one of those criminal episodes…


Worshippers Barred

From Aqsa Mosque

Mohammed Mar’i, Arab News

RAMALLAH, West Bank, 17 February 2007 — The Israeli police arrested more than 30 Palestinians in the Old City of Jerusalem yesterday as clashes erupted between Palestinians and heavily-armed Israeli police over Israel’s continued excavations at Al-Maghareba Gate on the Al-Aqsa compound during Friday prayers.More than 3,000 Israeli police officers closed Jerusalem and the gates of Al-Aqsa Mosque in an attempt to prevent Palestinians from entering the mosque to protest the works.

The Israeli police forcibly restricted Palestinians’ access to the city. They allowed only women and men over 50 years of age and holders of Israeli identity cards in the Old City fearing violence over excavations.

The head of the Islamic Movement’s northern branch yesterday called for an Intifada to save the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Sheikh Raed Salah gave a fiery speech in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Wadi Al-Joz, in which he said that Israel is drenched in Arab blood and accused it of attempting to build Solomon Temple on Aqsa Mosque compound.

The Israeli Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court extended Salah’s restraining order by 60 days on Thursday. This means Salah cannot come within 150 meters of the Old City walls.

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and the Holy Land, Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, said thousands of Israeli soldiers and police have been deployed around the entrances to the Haram Ash-Sharif (Al-Aqsa Mosque compound).

Muslim worshippers are being prevented from entering Al-Aqsa Mosque. Hussein added, however, “Despite the Israeli procedures, the worshippers are coming to Al-Aqsa Mosque and thousands of Palestinians headed to Al-Aqsa for Friday prayers.”

He said that the Israeli excavations are continuing around Al-Maghareba Gate. Al-Aqsa Mosque’s guards complained that the Israeli authorities are prohibiting anyone under the age of 50 from entering the mosque.

The Israeli police also prohibited Palestinian politician Dr. Mustafa Al-Barghouthi from entering the mosque. Barghouthi, a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council and head of the Palestinian National Initiative, said in a phone call that the Israeli forces at the gates of the Haram Ash-Sharif had detained him and prevented him from entering the mosque’s courtyard.

Adnan Al-Husseini, director of the Waqf religious trust, said 2,500 worshippers attended the prayers although police put the number at 6,000. Normally tens of thousands attend.

Palestinians and Muslims all over the world have condemned nearby Israeli archaeological excavations and repair work, since stalled, which they claim endanger the foundations of Islam’s third holiest site.

“The Israeli work poses great danger to our mosque and we demand a complete halt because it heralds destruction and death,” said Yussef Abu Sneineh, the imam of the mosque. “No one with any sense plays with fire,” he added from the pulpit, taking a stab at the Israeli authorities.

Accusing police of transforming the revered compound into a “battleground” last Friday, when Palestinian stone-throwers clashed with the riot squad, he urged worshippers to go quietly this week to avoid further troubles. However, clashes broke out after the prayers with Israeli police using stun grenades and water cannons to disperse protesters, witnesses said. — Additional input from agencies