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Paranormal Activity Review My rating – 4/10

November 14, 2009

I‘ll makes this as short as possible.

The whole movie was shot like it was a home video of a tech junkie micah trying to investigate the thing that was bothering his girlfriend Katie. Its a beautiful concept a-la the “Blair witch project” – but only much worse and that too to not say anything about the exceptionally bad acting. This shakey camera concept gave the movie a documentary feel that raised the realism of the scary experiences of the protagonists.   This is the deal clicher for such a bad movie.

It was wholly shot in a single location – Mica’s house. Apparently it was a demon that was pretty attached to Katie and resentful of the boyfriend who taunts the thing that was bothering Katie

The whole storyline was very reminscent of “Exorcist” – not original. What was original was the concept of a shakey amateur camera but even then, Bliar Witch accomplished that. Needless to say viewing a whole movie that shakes gives one a headache if the movie does not captivate the audience.

Even then it has a very strange attraction to it and I still do’n’t have my finger on it yet. I guess, it’s the amateur home movie feel that adds a sense of realism to the whole movie going experience.

The Pluses

1) Storeyline

2)  good script especially’ micah’s jokes

3) Documentary / reality show feel

The minuses

1) Unoriginal storyline (like exorcist)

2) Bad acting

3) Single location shoot

4) the final scene where she is supposed to look like a possessed linda blair in exorcist and then she gave a sheepish smile after killing her boyfriend like it was a joke – it spoilt the whole movie and the experience of the documentary feel of the movie

5) predictable scenes – especially when they go to sleep and we know some scary shit is gonna happen – it takes the fun out of being surprised.

6) one dimensional plot with just two protagonist and a couple of extras (i think) – katie’s friends

7) Bad sound / audio – I was straining to hear what was being said.

8) No make-up no costume, no special effects not even those that you could get on a third grade horror cum chick flick

9) not to mention the exceptionally bad acting

WHo will appreciate this movie?

On the whole, people who like movies that are somewhat different and are too naive to be taken in by a gross lack of technical expertise in every aspect of movie making.

IT’s Not For…

The connoiseurs and regular movie goers who look for the finer points to fully appreciate and experience a movie and would loathe it for a good concept and storyline marred by bad cinematography, bad acting, bad sound and just about bad everything.

It bucked the trend though and people watching it have to imagine the realism that the movie sought to portray of a couple tormented by a demon.  I liked the concept and story though and hated just about everything about the movie. Pesonally I felt cheated as I was expecting something more professional and not some hoax made for you tube designed to dupe people