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the creator must allow it…

September 12, 2012

the creator must allow itself to be recreated by its own creature


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Are Singaporean Voters Fairly Represented in Parliament?

March 13, 2009

Hmmm its worth a thought. This is the silent big question that never gets a fair hearing in every of our elections. The Straits times – the most common source of news – automatically transforms itself to become an unabashed sycophantic party publication during election time, giving fully positive coverage to the ruling party candidates. Sort of like a PAP sleeper cell that is fully activated during election time. Well so much for journalistic integrity and impartiality. I don’t blame them either… just see it’s board’s constitution and their connections – you’ll see why.

Anyway the reason why I am writing about this crap at all – even for a regular, politically apathetic Singaporean like me – is the redrawing of electoral boundaries and updating of voter registration is indeed an eyebrow raising event. Not least because the boundaries were re-drawn – but the timing of which. It normally happens juuuuuust before parliament is dissolved. But election is at least two years away.


Normally boundaries are finalized just when the opposition had worked the ground for the past 5 years and had come within firing range when the government shifts the goal posts.


This is called gerrymandering i.e.  to deliberately divide the electoral geography to the disadvantage of the opposition. And without saying anything about the political independence of the Elections department, this is indeed surprising.


Well no one expects the government (read : the ruling party) to serve the interests of the opposition, but the government by all account, owes a moral duty to Singaporeans to ensure the fairness of the elections.

My guess for this early electoral boundary meddling is that the ruling party is trying to double their political points. For a government that rules by fear, this looming economic depression is a godsend. It is very hard to promise economic success in an economic boom. But this government knows that the people here, in the worst of times would never, want the opposition running their economy. 

Judging by their dismal 2006 results, a by-election would most likely give a boost to their political mandate. In other words it’s point scoring time to further solidify the PAP’s hold on power for another 5 years. So they get a solid mandate plus they get to boast that they are being fair by giving time to the opposition work the ground via early notice of electoral boundaries.

My guess is parliament should be dissolved by the time the US economic depression hits home and the PM will then use it as an excuse to call for snap elections. They have the economic figures and they will most certainly use it to their advantage and point out the opposition’s incompetence in economic administration.

I think there should be some specific rules as to when by-elections can be held (sigh).

But coming back to the issue of re-drawing electoral boundaries by the elections departments is nearly not as much as question of how and when as it is why. It beats the crap out of me. I wish the government would be transparent with it’s motives about the need to gerrymander. While the government maintains that it is the elections department’s prerogative a simple check will show that the elections department comes under the home affairs minister who is a PAP MP and is also likely to stand for elections. So the elections departments neutrality is suspect. This is indeed a dangerous thing because impartiality of the elections administrator is the foundation of establishing fairness in any democratic electoral process. With that being suspect, the results are suspect.


What effect does gerrymandering have on the election results? It spreads the distribution of opposition votes so that the Mr. Gerrymander could maximize his seats in parliament.


Just look at the figures of the last election results. There were 84 parliamentary seats in the offing. The PAP garnered 82 of those of the votes with 37 walkovers. The opposition won 2 seats. Is this exciting or what. My feeling is “or what”. This is 97.6% of the seats won by the ruling party. This is a figure that has the power to pass a whole new constitution through parliament in just one night with not so much of a whimper against it.


But the election result tells a different story. The PAP only garnered 66.6% of the 1,123,273 valid votes (748,130 votes) in 2006. The opposition garnered the remainder of the 33.4% (375,143 votes) with only two elected opposition MPs in parliament. The parties of the elected MPs themselves have 29.3% (329,206 votes) of the votes. Achieving such a figure for an opposition in an electorate that vote in fear is no mean feat.


But what this gross disparity in the opposition’s parliamentary seat percentage (2.4%) and their vote percentage (33.4%) tells us is that large sections (one-thirds!) of our voting population have been alienated via cunning electoral and administrative artifices that resulted in them being grossly under-represented in parliament.


This is a significant number because it shows that there is a sizable number among our voting population that believes in giving a credible resistance in parliament to the ruling party. These people don’t want CPF withdrawal age or withdrawal amount changes everytime the GIC or Temasek Holdings makes billion dollar losses elsewhere. These people don’t want fly by night bills tabled by ministers that ease through a parliament with sleeping career MPs who don’t give a hoot to the parliamentary process. They just wake up and vote with the whip.

Arab Unity is Gone in the Face Of Gaza – But there is hope

February 23, 2009

I refer to the most recent doha debate in February 2009 , on Arab Unity as being dead and buried. The problem during the debate was that at the outset there was no consensus on what constitutes as THE indicator of Arabs being united. Does it refer to the popular solidarity such as the one seen in the face of ISraeli agressions against Arabs in 2006 and in Gaza 2009? Or is Arab unity defined by the intransigent and fragmented Arab political regimes and their leaders failing to agree on a whole range of issues affecting them curently? The debators surprisingly are in agreement about one thing though- that there IS  popular grassrots unity among the Arab people while there is not an iota of unity among the Arab Regimes.

The Arab League is a joke occupied by intractable and insecure old tyrants whose only concern it seems is their ability to stay in power. It has come to a point where they have to take draconian measures to prevent the Arab people from exercising their right to voice out this unity and muffle the loud noises that are coming from the ground seeking concerted political action against anti-Arab elements in Israel, the jewish Diaspora and a militarily adventurous US administration.

If we can see that Arab leaders are so disunited while the Arab people are – it can only mean one thing – that the Arab leaders are out of touch with the sentiments of their people. And to keep the staus quo of their positions they try to muffle the ground sentiments by their iron fisted, authoritarian rule. Some even use Islam as their reasons to justify the wanton suppression of women.

It is clear, from a political point that as long as Authoritarian regimes that oppress it’s people exist and there is severe repression of political dissent, there can never be any headway to be made towards Arab unity, peace and prosperity.

The Arab’s political disunity is too glaring and too impoartant to be disregarded as inconsequential to the question of Arab unity even in the face of a unity at the popular grassroots level simply because the leaders face the world, their opinion is what counts, they hold the power, they represent the people (even though they misrepresent them). This is largely due to the nature of Authoritarian rule where the balance of power is grossly tilted in favour of those who rule. This gives the leaders of such regimes an undue amount of clout and the reality of their political power under such a circumstance affords them the unjustifiabe privilege of their positions and opinions as being representative of its entire people. So the Arabs ARE disunited in that sense because popular Arab unity is grossly underweighted in the face of Arab political disunity because of the concentration of power and clout is in a single person or entity. In such a system political character and con stitution is the true definition and representation of the state of affairs.

Obama’s Whitewash of Bush’s Guantanamo Sins

January 29, 2009

The Israelis have exacted justice not only aganist the Nazis, but also even from those who are unwilling and unwitting participants of the Holocaust. The Palestinians paid for the sins of Europe with their land despite a lack of international consensus and watch gleefully now as the oppressed of WWII become the opressor. Now the Palestinians are landless and homeless. As if to add salt to wound now we have Iraq and the Gitmo bay. The white man can shove his fucking version of justice, freedom and democracy up his arse because they do not respect people who are different.

Bush needs to be in the dock as a war criminal

Where is the justice for people like Saad.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Obama closing Gitmo means nothing: ex-inmate

Source: alarabiya

Tortured man says decision is mere ‘whitewash’

Former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Mohammad Saad breaks into sobs and gut-wrenching moans when he details six years’ humiliation, interrogation and torture under U.S. orders in Egypt, Afghanistan and Cuba.

At 31 he walks with a limp and needs a stick to cross the drawing room of his brother’s palatial villa in Pakistan‘s historical center Lahore.

It’s too painful, it’s too deep, it’s too dark and fills me with sadness… They did everything they could to destroy me when I was completely innocent,” the man recounts.

Since returning home in 2008 — six years after he was arrested and years after U.S. investigators said they had no case against him — Saad has undergone one operation to stem infection in his left ear and is waiting another.

Unmarried and an orphan, with little hope of a normal life, he is unmoved by U.S. President Barack Obama’s widely feted decision to close Guantanamo Bay, ‘secret’ CIA detention facilities and outlaw torture.

Obama’s “whitewash”

“Obama’s decision to close Guantanamo Bay is a mere whitewash. Obama has to apologize to the prisoners, to their families and their societies, Saad said.

“They have to apologize to the Muslim world and a whole generation. That’s the least he could do… He should pledge these atrocities will never be repeated and compensate those who suffered any kind of torture.”

Some outgoing U.S. administration officials rejected accusations that tactics amounted to torture and argued that U.S. interrogation techniques such as “waterboarding” or simulated drowning yielded useful intelligence.

Saad says he was 24 years old, a lecturer in Islamic studies and a sought-after reciter of the Quran visiting family in Jakarta when Indonesian agents acting on U.S. orders arrested him before dawn on January 9, 2002.

He was kept without food and water and then handed over to an Egyptian at the airport on Jan. 10 to board a special plane.

“They stripped me and started beating me, kicking me in the face but asking no questions. It was utter humiliation. They shackled me from my neck to my knees and took me to the plane. An American official was also there,” he said.

“During the flight they slapped me, kicked me and wouldn’t let me use the loo. After a while they gave me a bottle and said I can urinate in that. I arrived in Cairo on Jan. 11,” he continued.

“Call your God”

In Egypt, he says he was incarcerated in an underground cell for 92 days, his knees and back given electric shocks, and interrogated by Egyptians about Washington’s most wanted man, Osama bin Laden.

Well educated, the son of an Islamic scholar and a master of nine languages, including English, Saad has to strain to hear during an interview with AFP.

In April 2002, he says he was flown to Bagram, the U.S. military-run prison in Afghanistan where he was stripped, shackled and handcuffed.

“After a few rounds of interrogation I was put in solitary confinement for seven months and on March 23, 2003 they transferred me to Guantanamo Bay.”

He says his interrogators threw the Quran on the floor during his questioning. “They laughed and said ‘Call your God to come and punish us. Call your God’.”

“I went on hunger strike three times. They said they would give me treatment if I cooperated. I was suffering. I was in terrible pain. There was an abject sense of humiliation. I wanted to end my life but I could not,” he described.

He says he passed a polygraph (lie detector) test. “They didn’t let me sleep, moving me from one cell to another with hoods and (my) legs tightly shackled. My legs started bleeding.”

Saad denies ever being affiliated to al-Qaeda or extremists, or of visiting Afghanistan.

“They wanted me to confess that I met Osama bin Laden and I went to Afghanistan. I never met him, I never went to Afghanistan,” he says breaking into loud moans and sobs.

In 2004, he says he was told the U.S. government had no case against him and that he would be freed. He was released three years later.

“Can they (the Americans) return those seven years? Never. They have destroyed so many lives. They have turned intelligent, healthy human beings into vegetables,” says Saad.

Closing Guantanamo

About 245 prisoners are still held at the jail housed at a U.S. naval base in southern Cuba, which has been a rallying point for anti-American sentiment around the world for the last eight years.

Obama on Thursday signed an executive order to close the prison within a year, and pledged to sift through the evidence and determine why the detainees are still being held in the next six months.

The inmates are likely to fall into three categories. First those for whom the U.S. has said it has no evidence of wrong-doing, will be transferred and subsequently released.

The second group of detainees will be prosecuted according to the evidence held by the government.

The third and most troubling group for the Obama administration are those deemed too dangerous for release, but against whom the government has either not enough credible evidence or only unusable confessions obtained through “enhanced” interrogation — or torture, as some charge.

For this group the review board may seek legal means to keep them in detention, perhaps indefinitely.

Israel : The main problem in the middle east

January 6, 2009

The recent attack on gaza by Israel is yet another chapter in the UN’s history impotency as a world police. They have failed to stop the unjustified attack on Iraq by the US and and then in lebanon by Israel and now in Gaza. Surprisingly, it is totally unable to do anything to help in any armed conflicts involving african or middle-eastern nations.

The needless loss of civilian life and the untold destruction of civilian property such as schools, mosques and hospitals that the Israel’s  claim either as collateral damage or are being used by militants is laughable because it seems there are more collateral damage and damage to suspected military outposts than there is objective damage. The result is an unacceptably large proportion of civilian casualty.

Already the civilian populaion was under siege by the Israelis since Hamas came to power. The legitimacy of the Hamas’ democratic victory was never recognised by the very proponent of democracy itself. Hamas was isolated and shunned and demonised as a terrorist organisation that had the support of the majority of the Gazan Palestinians. So much for the much vaunted democratic ideals that the west claims to uphold.

There was practically no dialogue with the Hamas government and nothing is known about how the flimsy strip of land at the edge of the mediterranean sea has managed to subsist half a million people is indeed a miraculous mystery. The 6 month ceasefire was not siezed by the west to renegotiate any peace deals between the warring parties. The power-brokers literally sat through the whole window of opportunity.

We have seen so much of coverage given to the Israeli views and their reasons for the military assault on Gaza and yet practically no views were sought from the other side of the conflict. It makes it invitingly easy to assume that the Hamas rockets were inteneded to kill Israelis for no apparent reason other than to purely terrorise the innocent Israeli public reconfirming Hamas’ Terrorist label. But none is mentioned about the Israeli settlement expansion over Palestinian lands, unprovoked assassinations of Hamas leaders, sequestration of rich arable Palestinian lands, restricting movements of the palestinian people even if it is necessary for their livelihood. This on top of 60 years of occupation of Palestinian lands in contravention of UN resolutions. And yet the Israelis wonder why Hamas rockets are still terrorising them.  The current military assault by the Israelis on Gaza is akin to killing a fly with a sledgehammer. The Israeli response, though calculated, is grossly and unproportionally violent in gross disregard of innocent lives.
Their refusal to negotiate with hamas and then blame Hamas for the war is an insult to the intelligence of the world community. We can see what they do and that the Isralis are finding it hard to put up a successful media campaign despite getting much help from it’s allied networks of the west such as CNN and fox news routinely ignoring Palestinian views.

It’s about time the African and Middle eastern nations withdraw their memberships from the UN and form their own group that is committed to solve their own problems. Israel has time and again disregarded international consensus to solve it’s own problems unilaterally via military means. They are the problem in the middle east and they are the ones who need to be stopped

The muslims in general condemn israeli action and are sympathetic towards the palestinians as well as hamas. They tend to believe that hamas firing of the rockets is a reaction against years of oppression by the israeli government. None of the malays I have discussed about this have any empathy for the israelis. I believe the israeli excuse which is the hamas rockets being fired into israel is like a person disturbing a bee hive and then killing the bees for stinging him. The equation is simple, The israeli must stop their seige on palestinian lands first to ensure no rockets come their way. Them blaming hamas for the current debacle is an insult to any discerning person.

This gaza offensive not only sabotages any ongoing peace negotiations but will also radicalise moderates into extremist camps. The israeli objective to totally neutralise palestinian fire power by destruction of palestinian civil and government infrastructure as well as the militant hideouts works in the opposite direction. Any resulting peace via such violent means is only temporary. The seething anger of such humiliation of palestinians will continue to stoke their anger as more moderates even people like mahmoud abbas may cease to work with the ongoing peace process. The wider damage of this is far reaching. This will create more anger and give sympathy, legitimacy, grounds, support and rationalisation for terrorist activities across the islamic world. This irresponsible israeli action sabotages everyone.

The Israelis should not be allowed to conduct violent acts unilaterally with impunity as it has far reaching consequences for ongoing efforts against terrorist activities and co-operation from muslim nations.

we all have a common denominator – God – it’s just that our numerators are different

July 11, 2008

our basis is the same, but our interpretations are different – that’s all – if only we can find a way to just get along and ignore all the hate mongering that goes on at all levels of western society and their ilk. We are so sold to the idea of hating people that are so eagerly and easily propagated by the media that we forget that these are real people who bleed the same blood when we cut them to pieces in the name of fighting terrorism. We forget that they have emotions, they have feelings, they love and have children, they have hopes and dreams. If only we can understand that the hate that is mongered at a political level that sent military hardware with a pretext as a lame excuse to establish control right over the body and blood of millions of innocent lives who were branded as terrorists, or criminals, if it becomes clear that they are neither – collateral casualty of war. Children who die like dogs on the streets while the oil installations are being protected. I just cannot understand how such hatred can have such wide international support? How asian governments who are too chicken to stand up against a bully and hide under the cover of terrorism and fighting it as a just cause that it is all right to break the sacred laws of humanity, acording to the innocents among the adversary, the most basic of human  dignity and respect. It is so easy to demonise that which is unknown and even easier to believe it.

Democracy : An abject failure for the world

May 21, 2008

I’m no political scientist, but the way I see it by the way the world is moving, democracy as a philosophical movement, as an ideology, as a political mechanism, as a strong base for economics and commerce and as a governing principle for an increasingly interdependent and shrinking world – is an abject failure. The most glaring failure is at the political level where power-hungry and imperial political elitism still exists. Even for America now this holds true. Power is being abused while those in power vehemently ascribe to themselves claim democratic credentials. The sorry state that the world has been since the end of the world wars with unresolved conflicts perpetuated by self-righteous democracies such as the US, Israel, France and the UK.

Democracy is supposed to be a vanguard against political imperialism and corruption, totalitarian tyranny, dictatorial high-handedness, gross official incompetence and a whole host of other political evils that brings humanity to ruins. It is supposed to return dignity to every human being and respect for every individual’s belief. And even though not everyone gets what they want it is supposed to bring about the best solution to the larger society as a whole via clever elicitation of society’s will and earnest administration of society’s wisdom.

In theory it looks as pretty and romantic with it’s platitudinous principles –“power to the people”, “Rule of Law”, “separation of powers”, the highest political master, thus publicly empowered, sworn to lowly service to his people etc. etc. This is beautiful. But the reality is anything but.

Much of the world is in political turmoil and much of it are started and sustained by democracies. So far, instead of vesting the power with the people and empowering them to effect political change through collective will when things go awry, we have those in power clinging on to their powers and using it to perpetuate their political presence and their own personal ideologies and principles in flagrant disregard of the will and wants of the people and the common good. They are hell bent on strengthening their positions as long as they are allowed by the system that they happily hijacked once they came into power. I don’t have to name names the examples are readily available here and now.

The democratic system is a fucking failure because it failed to factor in the motherfucking assholes who deviously slip through the idiot filters and hold the world hostage to their tyranny. The problem of it is that the system assumes those who are elected to power are so elected by carefully calculated exercise common will. This is supposed to allow the people to elect a person who is the best among them. But alas, the common people can be idiotic bigots in large numbers trying to propagate their ideology through threat and force. This will throw the fucking spanner in the democratic works.

Lets face it people tend to be evil, selfish and egocentric when they can get away with it. The flimsy checks and balances has failed to protect the people from an overbearing government.

It has caused much misery to the world especially now that we are so interconnected and thus one callous action (or inaction) can cause so much damage to whole peoples half way across the world.

We need a new philosophy. The world needs a new system. Maybe we already have it – but we’re just not using it. Democracy is a fucking failure. Albeit it’s beautiful philosophy it does not work. We need a better mechanism other the that of the western styled ones, to re-establish a better social, political, economic and governing order.

Israeli Judge : “We have a paper from God”

November 28, 2007

During a BBC call-in dialogue session last sunday an Israeli lady phoned in to say that Annapolis (Arab-Israeli peace initiative) will be unfair to Israel. Her reason was that Israeli gave gaza and allowed the palestinians to live in their midst with nothing given in return by the palestinians but terrorists killing Israelis. She claimed to the effect that palestinians are not worth Israeli time in giving land for peace because history has proven that the palestinians keep killing Israelis no matter what concessions are given by the Israelis. She shouted on the phone “we’ve got nothing from the palestinians – zero!”.

I would just like to remind people such as this lady (whose name I did’t get) that when the Jews came from Europe to join some of their brethren already living in some parts of the then palestine in the early 1900s, they had nothing. These jews came and took over palestinian land and property and claimed it for themselves. And then use it as bargaining chip for “peace” as showcase the whole act as though it was a great act of sacrificial benevolence. When land was partitioned by the UN and further land was sequestered by the IDF much later – the Israeli did not pay the palestininas a single cent. Why? Because according to bibilical apocrypha god bequeathed the promised land to the jews and as such they are entitled to the land without paying a single cent.

What a load of bullshit. Since when did God became a real estate agent for people (read : zionist) who do not believe in him? Since when did god bequeath favours upon thieves? If the palestinins are behaving like terrorists resisting Israel’s illegal sequestration of land that did not belong to them, then Israel is even worse than the the “terroists” they are complaining against.

What the Jews are doding to the Palestinians is the exact same thing Hitler did to the European Jewery but Hitler was denounced as a genocidal maniac for all history while these thievs in Palestine are benevolent angels? People who buy this line of thinking should simply go to hell.

Already what the Israeli did was thievery, and then they claim that they are giving it away out of benevolence without getting back nothing in return. But the Israelis did not own anything to give away in the first place. So this line of argument does not stand even if the court was a circus.

Check out this story narration of an Israeli judge dismissing legitimate claim of land by a palestinian with legal title with a simple “but we have paper from God!” – yes a judge (go figure!)


Israel Rated World’s Sixth-Largest Nuclear Power

November 12, 2007

The west, namely The US, Britain and France has no business poking it’s nose into North Korean and Iranian internal affairs.

Firstly they are not honest brokers and their mediation efforts in the middle east is only about their own economic interests (read : oil) and the interests of Israel. Their motives are thus suspect.

Secondly, the political climate of late in the west has become staunchly right wing, anti-Islamic and brazenly racist.

Thirdly they practice double standards when imposing the law on some while conveniently ignoring the atrocities of others. Such as ignoring India’s pursuit of nuclear armament while crying foul over Iran and North Korea.

 Fourthly, these countries routinely use (or abuse) their power in the UN, that is unfairly and disproportionately tilted in favour of western countries anyway, to push their own countries political agendas. Asians form 61% of the world’s population, there is only one permanent seat in the UN’s security council allocated for us – which is represented by China. While Europeans and Americans form a paltry 12% of the world population. And yet the west occupies 80% of the security council’s permanent seats with no representation of the Africans nor of the Latin Americans.

The gross under-representation of the non-western world in the UN is a cause for concern because the UN then becomes the tool of abuse of power of the world’s dominant powers (read : the west)

 We move in this day and age with our eyes wide shut ignoring the danger posed by Israel, the human rights atrocities by tyrants, Aids and other epidemic, poverty, enironmental depradation, human moral degradation etc etc.. and kill innocent people wantonly spending billions of dollars in wars that is not justified in Iraq and Afganistan. If this is so-called the age of enlightenment, by god I don’t even want to know the definition of darkness.

Taken from

History repeats itself: a Middle Eastern country launches its own nuclear program. The international community suspects it is a cover for building atomic weapons. The United States calls for the country’s nuclear sites to be inspected. Another government urges the country to scrap its nuclear plans. It is answered by defiant boasts that the nation’s sovereignty will not be compromised.
The country in question is not Iran in 2006, but Israel in 1969. The current dispute over Iran’s nuclear program has shocking parallels with the tensions sparked off by Israel’s attempts to acquire the nuclear bomb in the 60s. The only major difference is that the U.S. decided at the time not to curb the Israeli nuclear program. Recently declassified documents reveal that the Nixon administration reached a secret understanding with the Israelis in 1969 that allowed them to pursue their nuclear program as long as they maintain a policy of deliberate ambiguity.
In fact, this understanding paved the way for Israel, the 4th largest military power in the world, to be the only nuclear power in the Middle East and the world’s sixth country to acquire atomic weapons, a title its government has never admitted nor denied, according to an article on AFP. Despite its policy of ambiguity, Israel’s nuclear arsenal is estimated between 200 and 300 warheads. According to Eldridge, editor in chief of Jane’s Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defense, this estimate “is based on the production capacity of the country’s reactors.”
Meanwhile, the International Institute of Strategic Studies estimates the number of warheads that Israel possesses as being “up to 200”. And the Nuclear Threat Initiative, a U.S. advocacy group co-founded by Ted Turner, the founder of CNN and a former senator, believes that Israel’s arsenal “is comparable in quality and quantity to that of France and the United Kingdom.”
With French assistance, Israel built a nuclear weapons facility at Dimona in the Negev desert in 1958. The Dimona site has a plutonium/tritium production reactor, an underground chemical separation plant, and nuclear component fabrication facilities. In the early years of its nuclear program, Israel may have used French testing data to confirm its own weapon designs. Moreover, recently declassified British documents show that Britain helped Israel in making its nuclear bomb forty years ago, when it sold the Jewish state 20 tonnes of heavy water, a key substance for the production of atomic bombs. Experts suggest that the Israeli Defense Forces had their first nuclear weapons ready before the Six-Day War.
In 1986, Mordechai Vanunu, a former technician at Dimona, revealed to the media evidence that Israel possessed and produced nuclear weapons. At the time of Vanunu’s arrest, The Times reported that Israel had material for approximately 20 hydrogen bombs and 200 fission bombs.
According to AFP, an unspecified number of ground-to-ground missiles, comprising short range Jericho 1 and medium range Jericho 2 missiles, forms Israel’s strategic force. At the end of the 1990s, the Jewish state also acquired three diesel-powered, Dolphin-class submarines, capable of launching nuclear-armed cruise missiles. Moreover, the Washington Post recently reported that Israel has succeeded in modifying U.S.-made cruise missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads to be launched from submarines.
Unlike Iran and North Korea, Israel has never signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, designed to prevent the global spread of nuclear weapons. As a result, it is not subject to inspections and the threat of sanctions by the United Nations nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which has repeatedly asked Israel to give up its secret nuclear arsenal to avoid an arms race in the Middle East.
U.S. intelligence agencies often omit Israel from semiannual reports to Congress identifying countries developing weapons of mass destruction to protect the Jewish state from any economic or military sanctions. On the other hand, the U.S. is leading an international campaign against Iran over its nuclear program, which Tehran insists is for generating power.
Israel also stepped up rhetoric against Iran. Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres warned on Monday that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has called for Israel to be wiped off the map, should bear in mind that his own country could also be destroyed.
Although Peres didn’t say who should attack Iran, he implied that military action should be led by the U.S., pointing to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
The U.S. is striving to get a UN Security Council resolution demanding the Islamic Republic to halt uranium enrichment activities. But the truth is that Tehran hasn’t violated the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) or any other international obligations.
“Let me remind everybody that nothing Iran is accused of doing is illegal,” said Scott Ritter, the former UN weapons inspector who challenged the Bush administration’s drive to Iraq War. “We’re condemning Iran for doing that which is permitted under a treaty which it has signed and entered into in force, and has UN inspectors on the ground verifying Iranian compliance.”
It is obvious that Israel, which already possesses nuclear weapons, poses danger to Middle East stability. The U.S.–the only nation to have ever used nuclear weapons against human beings– should bear in mind this fact before it presses Tehran over its nuclear ambitions. Washington’s refusal to consider Iran’s proposal to make the Middle East a nuclear-free zone shows what all the U.S. hype about Iran’s nuclear program is really about. It simply doesn’t want to eliminate nuclear weapons in the Middle East as long as they remain in the hands of an ally.

Iran President Faces Public Dressing Down

September 27, 2007

The Ugly American Strikes Again. Columbia University president Lee Bollinger made allegations against the Iranian president while conveniently ignoring the failures, treachery and cruelty of his own government. He also almost turned the session dedicated to a speech from the Iranian President into one of his own sessions. If his agenda was about free speech, civil liberties  and human rights he should also have talked about Abu Ghraib, the wanton destruction of Iraq, Haditha, the Extraordinary resditions by Us secret services, broad wire tappings of the US citizenry, Guantanamo prison, homeland security act, racial profiling  and the list goes on. Who knows what more is to come. His accusations against Mr Ahmadinejad were thus by-and-large a matter of bigoted personal opinion than it was a reasonable acedemic comment worthy of scrutiny.

Who says right wing fascism is dead – Bollinger is a testament to the fact that fascism is still alive and kicking.

As bizzarre as it seems Mr Bollinger turned this dignified session into a public dressing down of a guest and a smeared the reputation of his guest and robbed the everyone a chance for an objective assessment of truth. This is the worst of American society.

It could have been used for lively civil exchanges and for US citizens to know more about Iran. In the end Bigotry and hatred prevailed. Mr Lee could have used this session to build bridges. But he burned what was left of it. Mr Lee Bollinger turned out to be a xenophobe in tuxedos oozing of pseudo academic arrogance. Bollingers sharp distaste for his guest was a testament to the much pervasive American ugliness and arrogance only matched by their equally repugnant bigotry. Watching the whole thing in youtube I could feel the rightwing political pressure on Bollinger’s face to publicly humiliate a guest. If the humiliation did not happen I think Bollinger would be forced to vacate his job the very next day by right wing Jewish lobbying.

Mr Bollinger, all the negative comments you made against a dignified guest speaks volumes of your own upbringing. You displayed the worst of the American culture when you could have easily done the reverse. You make various uncalled for allegations against your guest. But you should look at yourself in the mirror and see for yourself what a sly bastard you turned out to be to against your own guest after allowing for Mr Ahmedinajad to speak. You could have spoken about bush in the same derogatory terms and it would not have been further from the truth. You almost turn this diginified session into a mud slinging session. Thank God The Iranian President mantained his composure. Maybe you could have learnt a lesson or two from your guest. I hope one day you will be served your just desserts for the treachery you committed.

 All I can say is: what a terrible waste of a fabulous opportunity to showcase the beauty of American culture and civility when it was only used to show how ugly America is. And people still wonder why Muslims love to hate America?