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Obama’s Whitewash of Bush’s Guantanamo Sins

January 29, 2009

The Israelis have exacted justice not only aganist the Nazis, but also even from those who are unwilling and unwitting participants of the Holocaust. The Palestinians paid for the sins of Europe with their land despite a lack of international consensus and watch gleefully now as the oppressed of WWII become the opressor. Now the Palestinians are landless and homeless. As if to add salt to wound now we have Iraq and the Gitmo bay. The white man can shove his fucking version of justice, freedom and democracy up his arse because they do not respect people who are different.

Bush needs to be in the dock as a war criminal

Where is the justice for people like Saad.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Obama closing Gitmo means nothing: ex-inmate

Source: alarabiya

Tortured man says decision is mere ‘whitewash’

Former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Mohammad Saad breaks into sobs and gut-wrenching moans when he details six years’ humiliation, interrogation and torture under U.S. orders in Egypt, Afghanistan and Cuba.

At 31 he walks with a limp and needs a stick to cross the drawing room of his brother’s palatial villa in Pakistan‘s historical center Lahore.

It’s too painful, it’s too deep, it’s too dark and fills me with sadness… They did everything they could to destroy me when I was completely innocent,” the man recounts.

Since returning home in 2008 — six years after he was arrested and years after U.S. investigators said they had no case against him — Saad has undergone one operation to stem infection in his left ear and is waiting another.

Unmarried and an orphan, with little hope of a normal life, he is unmoved by U.S. President Barack Obama’s widely feted decision to close Guantanamo Bay, ‘secret’ CIA detention facilities and outlaw torture.

Obama’s “whitewash”

“Obama’s decision to close Guantanamo Bay is a mere whitewash. Obama has to apologize to the prisoners, to their families and their societies, Saad said.

“They have to apologize to the Muslim world and a whole generation. That’s the least he could do… He should pledge these atrocities will never be repeated and compensate those who suffered any kind of torture.”

Some outgoing U.S. administration officials rejected accusations that tactics amounted to torture and argued that U.S. interrogation techniques such as “waterboarding” or simulated drowning yielded useful intelligence.

Saad says he was 24 years old, a lecturer in Islamic studies and a sought-after reciter of the Quran visiting family in Jakarta when Indonesian agents acting on U.S. orders arrested him before dawn on January 9, 2002.

He was kept without food and water and then handed over to an Egyptian at the airport on Jan. 10 to board a special plane.

“They stripped me and started beating me, kicking me in the face but asking no questions. It was utter humiliation. They shackled me from my neck to my knees and took me to the plane. An American official was also there,” he said.

“During the flight they slapped me, kicked me and wouldn’t let me use the loo. After a while they gave me a bottle and said I can urinate in that. I arrived in Cairo on Jan. 11,” he continued.

“Call your God”

In Egypt, he says he was incarcerated in an underground cell for 92 days, his knees and back given electric shocks, and interrogated by Egyptians about Washington’s most wanted man, Osama bin Laden.

Well educated, the son of an Islamic scholar and a master of nine languages, including English, Saad has to strain to hear during an interview with AFP.

In April 2002, he says he was flown to Bagram, the U.S. military-run prison in Afghanistan where he was stripped, shackled and handcuffed.

“After a few rounds of interrogation I was put in solitary confinement for seven months and on March 23, 2003 they transferred me to Guantanamo Bay.”

He says his interrogators threw the Quran on the floor during his questioning. “They laughed and said ‘Call your God to come and punish us. Call your God’.”

“I went on hunger strike three times. They said they would give me treatment if I cooperated. I was suffering. I was in terrible pain. There was an abject sense of humiliation. I wanted to end my life but I could not,” he described.

He says he passed a polygraph (lie detector) test. “They didn’t let me sleep, moving me from one cell to another with hoods and (my) legs tightly shackled. My legs started bleeding.”

Saad denies ever being affiliated to al-Qaeda or extremists, or of visiting Afghanistan.

“They wanted me to confess that I met Osama bin Laden and I went to Afghanistan. I never met him, I never went to Afghanistan,” he says breaking into loud moans and sobs.

In 2004, he says he was told the U.S. government had no case against him and that he would be freed. He was released three years later.

“Can they (the Americans) return those seven years? Never. They have destroyed so many lives. They have turned intelligent, healthy human beings into vegetables,” says Saad.

Closing Guantanamo

About 245 prisoners are still held at the jail housed at a U.S. naval base in southern Cuba, which has been a rallying point for anti-American sentiment around the world for the last eight years.

Obama on Thursday signed an executive order to close the prison within a year, and pledged to sift through the evidence and determine why the detainees are still being held in the next six months.

The inmates are likely to fall into three categories. First those for whom the U.S. has said it has no evidence of wrong-doing, will be transferred and subsequently released.

The second group of detainees will be prosecuted according to the evidence held by the government.

The third and most troubling group for the Obama administration are those deemed too dangerous for release, but against whom the government has either not enough credible evidence or only unusable confessions obtained through “enhanced” interrogation — or torture, as some charge.

For this group the review board may seek legal means to keep them in detention, perhaps indefinitely.

Israel : The main problem in the middle east

January 6, 2009

The recent attack on gaza by Israel is yet another chapter in the UN’s history impotency as a world police. They have failed to stop the unjustified attack on Iraq by the US and and then in lebanon by Israel and now in Gaza. Surprisingly, it is totally unable to do anything to help in any armed conflicts involving african or middle-eastern nations.

The needless loss of civilian life and the untold destruction of civilian property such as schools, mosques and hospitals that the Israel’s  claim either as collateral damage or are being used by militants is laughable because it seems there are more collateral damage and damage to suspected military outposts than there is objective damage. The result is an unacceptably large proportion of civilian casualty.

Already the civilian populaion was under siege by the Israelis since Hamas came to power. The legitimacy of the Hamas’ democratic victory was never recognised by the very proponent of democracy itself. Hamas was isolated and shunned and demonised as a terrorist organisation that had the support of the majority of the Gazan Palestinians. So much for the much vaunted democratic ideals that the west claims to uphold.

There was practically no dialogue with the Hamas government and nothing is known about how the flimsy strip of land at the edge of the mediterranean sea has managed to subsist half a million people is indeed a miraculous mystery. The 6 month ceasefire was not siezed by the west to renegotiate any peace deals between the warring parties. The power-brokers literally sat through the whole window of opportunity.

We have seen so much of coverage given to the Israeli views and their reasons for the military assault on Gaza and yet practically no views were sought from the other side of the conflict. It makes it invitingly easy to assume that the Hamas rockets were inteneded to kill Israelis for no apparent reason other than to purely terrorise the innocent Israeli public reconfirming Hamas’ Terrorist label. But none is mentioned about the Israeli settlement expansion over Palestinian lands, unprovoked assassinations of Hamas leaders, sequestration of rich arable Palestinian lands, restricting movements of the palestinian people even if it is necessary for their livelihood. This on top of 60 years of occupation of Palestinian lands in contravention of UN resolutions. And yet the Israelis wonder why Hamas rockets are still terrorising them.  The current military assault by the Israelis on Gaza is akin to killing a fly with a sledgehammer. The Israeli response, though calculated, is grossly and unproportionally violent in gross disregard of innocent lives.
Their refusal to negotiate with hamas and then blame Hamas for the war is an insult to the intelligence of the world community. We can see what they do and that the Isralis are finding it hard to put up a successful media campaign despite getting much help from it’s allied networks of the west such as CNN and fox news routinely ignoring Palestinian views.

It’s about time the African and Middle eastern nations withdraw their memberships from the UN and form their own group that is committed to solve their own problems. Israel has time and again disregarded international consensus to solve it’s own problems unilaterally via military means. They are the problem in the middle east and they are the ones who need to be stopped

The muslims in general condemn israeli action and are sympathetic towards the palestinians as well as hamas. They tend to believe that hamas firing of the rockets is a reaction against years of oppression by the israeli government. None of the malays I have discussed about this have any empathy for the israelis. I believe the israeli excuse which is the hamas rockets being fired into israel is like a person disturbing a bee hive and then killing the bees for stinging him. The equation is simple, The israeli must stop their seige on palestinian lands first to ensure no rockets come their way. Them blaming hamas for the current debacle is an insult to any discerning person.

This gaza offensive not only sabotages any ongoing peace negotiations but will also radicalise moderates into extremist camps. The israeli objective to totally neutralise palestinian fire power by destruction of palestinian civil and government infrastructure as well as the militant hideouts works in the opposite direction. Any resulting peace via such violent means is only temporary. The seething anger of such humiliation of palestinians will continue to stoke their anger as more moderates even people like mahmoud abbas may cease to work with the ongoing peace process. The wider damage of this is far reaching. This will create more anger and give sympathy, legitimacy, grounds, support and rationalisation for terrorist activities across the islamic world. This irresponsible israeli action sabotages everyone.

The Israelis should not be allowed to conduct violent acts unilaterally with impunity as it has far reaching consequences for ongoing efforts against terrorist activities and co-operation from muslim nations.

we all have a common denominator – God – it’s just that our numerators are different

July 11, 2008

our basis is the same, but our interpretations are different – that’s all – if only we can find a way to just get along and ignore all the hate mongering that goes on at all levels of western society and their ilk. We are so sold to the idea of hating people that are so eagerly and easily propagated by the media that we forget that these are real people who bleed the same blood when we cut them to pieces in the name of fighting terrorism. We forget that they have emotions, they have feelings, they love and have children, they have hopes and dreams. If only we can understand that the hate that is mongered at a political level that sent military hardware with a pretext as a lame excuse to establish control right over the body and blood of millions of innocent lives who were branded as terrorists, or criminals, if it becomes clear that they are neither – collateral casualty of war. Children who die like dogs on the streets while the oil installations are being protected. I just cannot understand how such hatred can have such wide international support? How asian governments who are too chicken to stand up against a bully and hide under the cover of terrorism and fighting it as a just cause that it is all right to break the sacred laws of humanity, acording to the innocents among the adversary, the most basic of human  dignity and respect. It is so easy to demonise that which is unknown and even easier to believe it.

Israeli Judge : “We have a paper from God”

November 28, 2007

During a BBC call-in dialogue session last sunday an Israeli lady phoned in to say that Annapolis (Arab-Israeli peace initiative) will be unfair to Israel. Her reason was that Israeli gave gaza and allowed the palestinians to live in their midst with nothing given in return by the palestinians but terrorists killing Israelis. She claimed to the effect that palestinians are not worth Israeli time in giving land for peace because history has proven that the palestinians keep killing Israelis no matter what concessions are given by the Israelis. She shouted on the phone “we’ve got nothing from the palestinians – zero!”.

I would just like to remind people such as this lady (whose name I did’t get) that when the Jews came from Europe to join some of their brethren already living in some parts of the then palestine in the early 1900s, they had nothing. These jews came and took over palestinian land and property and claimed it for themselves. And then use it as bargaining chip for “peace” as showcase the whole act as though it was a great act of sacrificial benevolence. When land was partitioned by the UN and further land was sequestered by the IDF much later – the Israeli did not pay the palestininas a single cent. Why? Because according to bibilical apocrypha god bequeathed the promised land to the jews and as such they are entitled to the land without paying a single cent.

What a load of bullshit. Since when did God became a real estate agent for people (read : zionist) who do not believe in him? Since when did god bequeath favours upon thieves? If the palestinins are behaving like terrorists resisting Israel’s illegal sequestration of land that did not belong to them, then Israel is even worse than the the “terroists” they are complaining against.

What the Jews are doding to the Palestinians is the exact same thing Hitler did to the European Jewery but Hitler was denounced as a genocidal maniac for all history while these thievs in Palestine are benevolent angels? People who buy this line of thinking should simply go to hell.

Already what the Israeli did was thievery, and then they claim that they are giving it away out of benevolence without getting back nothing in return. But the Israelis did not own anything to give away in the first place. So this line of argument does not stand even if the court was a circus.

Check out this story narration of an Israeli judge dismissing legitimate claim of land by a palestinian with legal title with a simple “but we have paper from God!” – yes a judge (go figure!)


Iran President Faces Public Dressing Down

September 27, 2007

The Ugly American Strikes Again. Columbia University president Lee Bollinger made allegations against the Iranian president while conveniently ignoring the failures, treachery and cruelty of his own government. He also almost turned the session dedicated to a speech from the Iranian President into one of his own sessions. If his agenda was about free speech, civil liberties  and human rights he should also have talked about Abu Ghraib, the wanton destruction of Iraq, Haditha, the Extraordinary resditions by Us secret services, broad wire tappings of the US citizenry, Guantanamo prison, homeland security act, racial profiling  and the list goes on. Who knows what more is to come. His accusations against Mr Ahmadinejad were thus by-and-large a matter of bigoted personal opinion than it was a reasonable acedemic comment worthy of scrutiny.

Who says right wing fascism is dead – Bollinger is a testament to the fact that fascism is still alive and kicking.

As bizzarre as it seems Mr Bollinger turned this dignified session into a public dressing down of a guest and a smeared the reputation of his guest and robbed the everyone a chance for an objective assessment of truth. This is the worst of American society.

It could have been used for lively civil exchanges and for US citizens to know more about Iran. In the end Bigotry and hatred prevailed. Mr Lee could have used this session to build bridges. But he burned what was left of it. Mr Lee Bollinger turned out to be a xenophobe in tuxedos oozing of pseudo academic arrogance. Bollingers sharp distaste for his guest was a testament to the much pervasive American ugliness and arrogance only matched by their equally repugnant bigotry. Watching the whole thing in youtube I could feel the rightwing political pressure on Bollinger’s face to publicly humiliate a guest. If the humiliation did not happen I think Bollinger would be forced to vacate his job the very next day by right wing Jewish lobbying.

Mr Bollinger, all the negative comments you made against a dignified guest speaks volumes of your own upbringing. You displayed the worst of the American culture when you could have easily done the reverse. You make various uncalled for allegations against your guest. But you should look at yourself in the mirror and see for yourself what a sly bastard you turned out to be to against your own guest after allowing for Mr Ahmedinajad to speak. You could have spoken about bush in the same derogatory terms and it would not have been further from the truth. You almost turn this diginified session into a mud slinging session. Thank God The Iranian President mantained his composure. Maybe you could have learnt a lesson or two from your guest. I hope one day you will be served your just desserts for the treachery you committed.

 All I can say is: what a terrible waste of a fabulous opportunity to showcase the beauty of American culture and civility when it was only used to show how ugly America is. And people still wonder why Muslims love to hate America?

Israel : The Torah, their Title deed & God, their Real estate agent – never mind the evil

September 5, 2007

Zionism made the Jews believe this for their own political ends (that the promised land is theirs only). It used this honest Jewish belief to wreck lives and destroy a whole nation. “Never again” was their slogan but they do it again and again.

No doubt the Torah and the Quran says that the land was promised by their God to the Jews. But this is a belief that is rooted in theolgy – and in no way has any justification whatsoever for action to fulfil secular objectives. So the resultant supplanting of arab Palestine must be wholly based on Judaic theocratic ideals – not on secular ideals. Because that (the torah) was their ONLY basis of their claim to the promised land.

We must understand that the Israel of Davidian times is a theocracy – not a secular (pseudo-) democracy. The land that was promised to them in Palestine by Yahweh was contingent upon 1) their unwavering belief in Him and 2) that they act righteously – otherwise they have no claim over it.

But the death of innocents, the wanton destruction, the deliberate defoliation of cultured lands, and the continued criminal land grab of the legitimately owned property is an evil beyond expression. Would Moses – who delivered the hebrews from the Pharoah condoned such an ideology of hatred called Zionism?

Some not so cool facts here about Israel that the so-called free media of the west would be reluctant to exercise it’s freedom of expression over. But when it comes to bashing palestinians, Arabs and muslims – they reserve their right to free speech – if the Danish cartoons are at all any indicator of this media and political hypocrisy.

If a picture speaks a thousand words – this three speaks in encyclopediac volumes because of the unmitigated oppression that has been imposed upon the palestinians. Apartheid did not die with Nelson Mandela – It is still alive and kicking in the heart of the middle east. Fascism and “genocidism” did not die with Hitler – it is still alive here in the blessed promised land.

If there is one terror that will divide and destroy the world – it is not not the god loving Jews, nor their religion, nor their torah, not the christians nor their bible, not Islam nor their quran – it is the terror of this secular Zionist and their secular ilk (the neo cons) and their dangerous ideolgy of hatred – so much hatred they bring into this blessed world that it would make Hitler – their erstwhile tormentor – look like a petty bicycle thief.

The Best war ever..

June 24, 2007

Why did’nt these matters get enough media attention? It’s the greatest lie ever told and exposed in modern history. And yet we continue to give legitimacy to a western regime that had irreparably divided the world into an “us-vs-them” vulgarity.

Stupidity Personified

June 24, 2007

He came to power by thin margins and through questionable election results – both in 2000 and 2004. He evades tough questions by giving stupid answers. And the mainstream media buys it like anything.

Do Americans really know who they elected or do they just elect people who are stupid every once in a while? This guy is an embarrasment to the American people. He broke so many international laws with impunity, he justifies an untenable position with non-relavant answers and justifies them with platitudes.

Does he know what he is doing and the implication of his actions or is he just a puppet to the neo-con powerbrokers? Whatever it is the world had already paid a heavy price for giving the seat of power to one who is intellectually challenged.

Intelligence can give anyone the edge but no one should underestimate the devastating power of stupidity – and George Bush is proof of that. I challenge anyone to explain me what bush was talking in the snippet below coz stupidity is more complex than I thought.

The way the media is lapping it up as though George Bush as the greatest visonary who stands for peace and freedom speaks volumes of how bigotry justifies itself in human thought in sophisticated ways. And the greatest tragedy of it all is that how such stupidity has mass following – not the fact that it created so much of sufferring in the world. It makes Hitler look like a petty bicycle thief.

If such works represent the age of enlightenment, I don’t want to even imagine what could be termed as the age of stupidity.

Somalia turning into Iraq twice over

May 1, 2007


“Today we are witnessing an almost uncontained hyper-use of military force in international relations that is plunging the world into an abyss of permanent conflict,”      

Russian President Vladimir Putin, The daily telegraph

The conflict in Somalia is yet another example of the impotency of UN as an organisation as an assurance against mass carnage and genocide against helpless peoples. It failed in Kosovo, Rwanda, Lebanon, Afganistan, Iraq and most recently in Somalia. Besides speaking in chest thumping rhetoric for peace and freedom it had achieved little else as far as making the world a better world is concerned. It gives me the impression that the UN is an organisation designed to muster world resources for western interests only while paying lip service for the rest of the world.

It is now well known that the Ethiopian forces who claimed to act in their own national interests against terrorists who had taken refuge  in Somalia is a self serving myth. It is clear now that US aided the Ethiopian forces and funded the Alliance for the Restoration of Peace and Counter-Terrorism (ARPCT) to bring down the courts at the pretext of tracking down Al-Qaeda fighters who had purportedly sought refuge in Somalia.

The UN had not brought to task the TNG for it’s abject failure in government and as it turned  out, they were nothing but a bunch of tribal incompetents with nothing to show for. In their 6 or so years in office the people of Somalia had only seen more crime, homelesness, abject poverty, armed conflicts and unprecedented crime that left the country in a total mess. Where the success of the ICU in governance had been one that transcended clan politics and petty tribalism, the transitional government had been a bunch of infighting warlords who achieved nothing.

The achievenments of the ICU is nothing to scoff at for after the collapse of the Somali government in 1991, the ICU established crime prevention, law enforcement and administration, education, healthcare and welfare services..

The ICU’s police forces successfuuly curbed robberies and drug-dealing, as well as sexual immorality. They had public wide support – something that was never seen in recent history of Somalia. The courts different factions (Ifka Halan, Circolo, Warshadda and Hararyaale ) worked hand in hand through a joint in promotion of security and peace. – that saw the integration and co-operation of their security forces.

No doubt Somaila under the ICU had broad based support of the citizenry and experienced unprecedented peace and security that the transitional government had failed to provide. And yet the western governments were either silent or denounced the ICU as an illegitimate government and only regarded the transitional government as legitimate.

The European Union members and the US failed to see the point when peace and security emerged in Somalia and treated the courts with supicion only because it had the label “Islamic” to it;s name. Their bigotry and discrimination in that was indeed very telling. The issue of human rights, justice and democratic freedom only applies to them and their ilk – they have a different set of rules when they deal with muslims, black and others.

The US, far from establishing peace had stoked the fire of conflict all over the world. It further confirms that the current US administration is only interested in decimating muslims wherever it goes. When peace was established in Somalia, it sought to destroy it by actively aiding the ARPCT and the Ethiopians. When the Ethiopians ran a rampage last year they, destroyed years and years of peace established by the courts causing widespread conflict and displacement of hundreds of thousands of people.

Putin was right after all. The Bush Administration has absolutely nothing to show for in making the world a better place. It’s hands are tainted with the blood of millions of innocents.

I would be surprised if Americans still wonder why the world loves to hate them. They should take control of their democratic intitutions that was hijacked by bad leadership and abysmal administration. This despotic administration is the worst that the world has seen in US history. It had routinely violated human rights, supported police states and despotic regimes, detroyed peace in peacful states (as in somalia), promoted war (lebanon), divided the world into a “us versus them” mindset, failed to act against genocide, failed to implement disarmament of nukes and WMDs, failed to even acknowledge an impending environmental catastrophe – and the list just goes on.

The UN had thus far been totally impotent against such a tremendously dangerous back drop. It raises the question as to whether if the UN is still relevant. It has failed to stop genocide, failed in nuclear disarmament , failed to stop the scourge of capitalist inequalities, failed to implement measures against environmental disaster, failed to get consensus on international trade, failed to ease the effect of globalisation on the inpoverished, failed to curb poverty and famine. It has failed in every aspect of it’s stated goals it was expected to fulfil. The UN IS irrelvant.

Jeffery Sach recently remarked in one of his lectures in New York:

“We learned after September 11 how incredibly fragile our institutions are. We learned how they can be hi-jacked by fear and by misguided leadership. We did not see the bulwark of our institutions holding up. If the
war had been a rousing success we would have been on to more wars in the region, I have little doubt about it. That was the game plan. What can we do about it beyond hope? We can talk to each other, do what we’re doing now, alert each other that we are not past the risk right now. We still face real risks of self-fulfilling danger, because we are still with a mindset that is prone to a vulgarism of us versus them, a readiness to attack and bomb people whose names we can’t name, whose places we don’t know and couldn’t even locate on a map.”


It is indeed scary that the world will reach 9 billion in 2050 at the current population trajectory. But the speed at which the bodybags are piling in, thanks of course to bad leadership and bigotry, we may need more space to bury the dead than to feed and house the living.

Expect more wars, more poverty, more genocide, more conflict and more division from the Bush Administration and expect the UN to be nothing more than a bloated bureaucracy full of spectators watching the world burn. I have no doubts about that. May God save all of US.

Ali Eteraz and his Islamic piss-artistisms

April 19, 2007

I don’t understand why is it that people who are mainly educated in the west, make such a big deal out of the treatment of women in Islam such a big issue. Is it that big a deal as the media, popular perception and people like Eteraz portray it. Normally I would not be moved to comment on inflammatory views about Islam but this man Eteraz is passing himself off as a self-styled Islamic-scholar with deviationist views and I just have to say a few words about the views of this learned brother Ali Eteraz.From what the distinguished Ali Eteraz (and his ilk), has said, he seems to feel polygamy to be nothing more than a last surviving anachronistic remant of an archaic cultural practice of a people yet to be civilised. By reading his post I get the idea that he feels that the idea of polygamy is no longer applicable this day and age. If not for the display of such hubris of superiority over his predecessors in religion and too with no respect, in general, for men who take more than one wife, he goes on goes on with his view that unless it can be proven that men don’t have an ulterior motive, polygamy should not be allowed. His reasons are oversimplified and contorted – the kind that goes on in emotionally charged day time talk shows with no acedemic value to it at all. He also seems to think that apostasy should not be punishable by death. Not that I am categorically disagreeing to that but when one considers his reasoning and proof – this is in it’s proper islamic context is pure rubbish. The values are there and like the fundamental western democractic values – like freedom of speech – they are non-negotiable simply because without these values they lose their unique identity. I won’t be surprised if he goes on to say that the five daily prayers are not compulsory and goes on to proof it with another “almost airtight” argument.I think he finds his secular humanist ideals incommensurable with his religious convictions (if at all he has one)and as such finds an urgent need to properly marry the two ideals by convoluting Islamic values. By reading his materials I get the feeling that his religious values are dependent upon his Humanist ideals. 

I don’t know alot of things about Islam to really comment on it, but I do know that we have to see Islam and religions in general, on it’s own merit. Right thinking people would want to note that, limited as they are in thier scope vis-a-vis reality, secular-materialist values are incommensurable with that of Islam. To see Islam through the values of secular ideals would be fatal to one’s correct perception.  To put humanism as an ideal for equality and the advancement of mankind and to force it’s standard with Islam because Islam should be about equality and the advancement of mankind – is like comparing apples with oranges. Humanism, as with other western-secular-materialist “isms” are based on a concept that does not recognise the existence of a higher intelligence as a cause of all causes. It is thus limited by it’s own base assumptions. No way of life or thought can be perfect given the imperfections and complexities of life itself. As such Islam with it’s perceived flaws is regarded by muslims as the remedy to these imperfections. A lot of muslims and people of other religions believe that it is the human perception -with it’s sensory and cognitive limitations – that is imperfect. And as such cannot see the values of religions perfectly.

Eteraz’s views may hold water as far as they are about secular-materialism but they are nothing more than verbal sophistry and piss-artisms as far as they are about Islam. I think he has been adequately refuted by other muslims and I don’t need to waste any time going through a point by point refutation of his views. As I have mentioned in the muslim hedonist his ignorance is only matched by his arrogance. I hope well meaning and right thinking people would bring him to task and reject his views.