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Most Scientific discoveries could be nothing more than puerile nonsense

August 26, 2007

Einstien once was known to have remarked :

One thing I have learnt in a long life: that all our science, measured against reality, is primitive and childlike – and yet it is the most precious thing we have”

If we think that science has answered all our questions we are dead wrong. If reality is a baby – the scientific sperm has not even met it’s egg yet. And yet we have secular fundamentalists – most notably the evolutionists – making fantastic and cocksure claims about their findings and then foiting it down society as gospel truth in complex pseudo-scientific lingo. I once had an argument with at least two of my blog’s commentors about the veracity of science vis-a-vis reality and they was so sure that the “scientific method” would suffice as a surefire check against any kind of scientific claim or proposition. These are the same guys who happen to believe in the theory of evolution as the gospel truth. But alas – very little could be proven of such claims that seems to even fly in the face of secular science’s much vaunted methodolgies. These guys need to get a grip of themselves. They must understand that believeing in science as an answer to the fundamental existential questions is nothing better than to believe that God created the universe in 6 days and also Created Adam – the first Human being. I mean the whole creationist story may seem like a cheap B-grade fairy tale, but the arrogance and evagelical zeal with which otherwise intelligent scientists and scientific theorists promote the various scientific theories and publish their findings as gospel truth is cheap b-grade porn. It’s obscene. It has no scientific basis to start with and yet we are supposed to believe in it as truth. To these guys I have nothing more than pity. I post this video from youtube where Ali-G trashes guys who think they know it all. If einstein was right – we know next to nothing

watch this – LOL

Response to Salahudin on Why Doesn’t God show himself.

May 28, 2007

This is in respose to this piece by slahudin

As we can see from the pie chart (taken from about 84% of the world is religious. Theism vis-a-vis non-theism – the majority of the world believes in God. The secularists are a minority in the world today and yet they consider theocentric-belief as some kind of hocus pocus – Santa claus and the toothfairy notwithstanding.

It would be interesting to note that some of the greatest mind that are involved in revolutionising science – such as Einstein, Isaac Newton, Johann Karl Friedrich, Copernicus, Kepler and Galeleo – were believers in God. These guys were responsible for the great development of modern science as it is now and these guys thought there was an all-powerful being. I bet my last buck that they thought deeper than alot of secular scientists out there because it is far too easier to consume knowledge than it is to create it.

I consider the question of why it is more sensible to believe in a God than not, a no brainer. Science has opened up a cosmic can of worms in it’s bold quest for truth and lays there defeated by the mysteries of reality. Just to cite a few examples that science has not resolved by it’s own scientific standards :

*Why does some matter have mass while others don’t?

* Why the forces of physics (electo-magnetic, weak, strong and gravity) cannot be mathematically unified into one single expression even though they behave in the same way?

*If the theory of evolution is right what process in the so-called primordial soup triggered the animation of inanimate matter?

* What is time?

* Did time predate matter or co-existent with matter?

*What existed or happened at time zero of the big bang?

*What necessary cause caused the big bang? 

* Why only 30% of the universe can be materially accounted for while the rest of the 70% “matter” (so-called “Dark Matter”) cannot be observed?

* What is a black hole and how does it function

*Why do we sleep and what is the explanation for the loss of consciousness of the self?

* Why do we yawn?

* Why and how do we dream?

* What is the ghost behind the brain?

* What causes the effect of gravity?

* Why are there no intermediate species between the evolutionary “monkies”

*What happened to the neanderthals?

And the list just goes on. It just doesn’t end. Alot of these questions are explained away by preposterous presumptions. For example to the question of how the every parameter of the universe turned out just right that it did not collapse under it’s own weight? The answer is : The Multiverse – a theory where every possible permutation of matter is expressed in every way. This is a stupidity of convenience – because secularists just can’t answer why the universe turned out so right that made earth and all the life within it possible. Instead of finding a cause, they came up with an easy catch-all. This theory is also known as the “last refuge of the desparate atheist”. In other words – deny God at all costs – even rationality. The best of this is that they can’t answer why mater must express in all it’s possible ways to make the multiverse theory stick. They don’t even know what system can support a Multiverse. Theory after theory after theory and no answers.

Salahudin, this is the secular equivalent of the theistic Santa Claus and tooth fairy that you were referring to.

It is still true that science can tell you how something works but never why. That is the challenge for science – by it’s own standards. It cannot answer questions at a certain depth of knowledge.  And it has failed – extremely miserably. And nowadays they pass of vague “theories” as knowledge. I’m sorry Salahudin, It’s more sensible to believe in God – secular materialist answers are at the least – grossly incomplete.

If truth in this chart is denied – then 84% of the world are idiots.

The Impossible Universe, the impossible Human being

May 24, 2007

It seems now that the existence of the universe and all that is within it is balanced on a knife’s edge. Every particle – from it’s properties to it’s characteristic is a carefully calibrated manifestation of the physical reality that we live in and observe today. The parameters for the universe to exist are calibrated so so finely that an infinitessimal adjustment anyway would have produced some destructively unimaginable reality that would have precluded not only the existence of life but also (and more importantly so) the very matter itself. The diverse expressions of matter in the observable universe – both in the microcosm and macrocosm have been a product of the existence of right conditions that coincided with the right properties (existent in the force or “thing” that was responsible for the appearance of matter). Sort of like “pre-matter”. If existence of matter is seen as a progression that proceeded forth from nothingness, the most fundamental “pre-matter” that I can think of is the photon. And this has been proven, that matter could be converted into energy (i.e. photons) and vice versa.

The confluence of fundamental  matter as they have been calibrated was an impossible co-incidence and this seems to be THE question foremost in the minds of theoretical physicists today.

It was indeed an impossible co-incidence that from the point of singularity the universe expanded containing the right amount of mass with the right amonut of force to facilitate the creations of electrons and nuclei (i.e protons and neutrons).

It was an impossible coincidence that when the universe cooled, the electrons with their charge at the right amount coincided with the nuclei matter to form atoms, such as hydrogen

The universe continued to expand and cool down that further facilitated the creation of basic elements. The way the atoms were married to express themselves only in a limited way amidst the infinite possible permutations is a mystery.

These molecules coincided to form complex bodies such as gases and cosmic dust that inturn coincided to form stars and galaxies. Some of the stellar systems coincidentally formed planets.

And as you may have it, and by a huge stroke of luck, the planet in one such system, formed with the right constitution, with the right tilt, at the right distance from it’s star, with it’s right size and density managed to somehow contain a system that could be hospitable for organic materials to form.

And by a huge impossible co-incidence through a marriage of a variety of chemical reactions that took place in the primordial soup of primitive earth, the right amount of DNA coincided with the right amino acids at the right amount to form the first proteins and thus the first inkling of primitive life. Surprizingly this first life created in this primordial soup survived to replicate itself to transform into other simple organisms.

How life happened is a catch-22 mystery because for proteins to develop they need the encoded information from the DNA but DNA cannot replicate without catalytic proteins. But chance happenings are a wonderful gift to humanity to just explain away just about anything.

These organisms via a subtly slow process called evolution managed to diversify itself through freak mutations into a myriad of life forms in a surprizingly self sustaining environment conducive for such a process to happen.

And through these mutations came animals and through them came the monkey. And this monkey evolved in many stages into a much smarter monkey more informally (and rather unscientifically so!) referred to as the Human being.

This massive coincidence that dates back to the big bang itself, just to create smart monkeys to ask existential questions in a lonely outpost called the earth takes a huge quantum leap of faith to believe let alone think it.

The impossibility just for the universe to exist, let alone the existence of human beings requires a faith that is far more irrational than it is to believe in an intelligent omnipotent being that had a hand in such a creation. The Universe as it is now is so irrationally impossible that something just had to interfere and calibrate the fundamental particles and it’s attendant forces to facilitate the creation of the universe and life itself.

The theory of evolution as a catch all answer to existential questions is nothing but an irrational and totally preposterous idea that is an absolute insult to the mind that has the chutzpah to think it. To believe in secular justifications that seeks to easily explain away through suspiciously simple theories coated with complex scientific explanations based on wildly improbable assumptions requires a faith that is a billion times more than it is required to believe in an intelligent all-powerful being. In other words one need to make a conscious effort at stupidity to believe the trash the secular materialists dish out as valid scientific explanations just to exclude an intelligent calibrator that a majority of us in this world refer to as God.

I think the advancements in science has made it impossible for a secularists to exist becasue he is constantly being frustrated to come up with new theories to explain away the signs that point in the opposite direction of his line of thinking to a point that he has to disregard known truths and accept abject nonsense as truth. The worst of it is that he sells it as something valid and worthy of embracing. I’m sorry man, I don’t want to make an effort to be stupid just so you can say I’m a clever monkey. No thank you.