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Rajinikanth and mass hype and hysteria

August 12, 2007


Lets face it guys, Rajini is a great guy and all but his movies stink like yesterday’s left overs. If Rajini werent half serious about his movies it would be funnier than the best Vivek comedy. His movies are engineered to cater to the oblivious fan who has raised Rajini’s alter ego to a cult status. Have you considered the hype behind the man? Are rajini movies worth your money or are his fans a victim of mass hype and hysteria?

Things are so bad in some parts of India that they just need a zany outlet to vent their boredom. An “on-screen” Rajini is just the man for it. But Rajini does not make the hype – the hype is what made rajini and he is stuck with this larger than life image for the rest of his life – at least in the movies. He effectively has become unable to explore his more creative side as an actor. This raises a lot of questions like “Can Rajini act?” – Can he be as versatile as Sooria?

I would greatly appreciate if anyone could to tell me how different is the latest movie with Basha, Padayyppa, Arunaachalam, Baba, Veera, Ulaipaali, Yejaman, Annamalai etc etc besides the fact that this time around Rajini dyed his hair. It’s the same old damn thing every year.

The only reason why anyone should see his latest movie “Shivaji” is not for Rajini but for the comedian Vivek. His comedy routine was the best yet. I even dare say Vivek made an otherwise drab movie of Rajini look good.

If you are one of those who queued up for hours to get a ticket only to put up with another “movie” on the side – namely the boisterous and unruly crowd of Indians with their noisy anticsĀ  – maybe you should have put your money to better use – like on a thosai meal at little India or even a pack of cigarettes.

Personally I find his movies pretty silly with the same old drab dialogues, same old role, same old lame style, same mission, same old music with only different lyrics, storyline and screen name – basically most of his movies are a new rehash of his old stories – the template is still the same. Something like your clothes that you change everyday – but its still you inside.. no change… If you are still not convinced this clip may just change your mind –

My take on rajini movies is – If you’ve seen one – you’ve seen it all.

Bonus link : American rajinikanth

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